80’s flashback weekend

That’s right this weekend (or at least Saturday night) jimi is heading back in time. That’s right Marty, The Doc and I are going Back to the Future!

Wait what? (How many times am I gonna use the “wait what” joke?)

Maybe not Back to the Future but Back to the Past doesn’t work joke wise but maybe I should write that movie….hmmm….anymarty I’m talking about a simpler time of He-Man, Gi Joe, leggings, aliens who eat cats and aliens who like Reese’s Pieces. Bruce Willis was a detective, there was something called a Yugo and people actually believed Eddie Murphy could be a cop. Does this mean that Saturday night I’m going to sing Milli Vanilli the whole night through? Or maybe I’m going to tal tal tal talk like Max head head head headroom in a vlog? Perhaps I’m just going to blame it on the rain? I can’t do that on television…can I?

Shit I really lost where I was going with this. Oh yeah Back to the Future. Wrong again. Oh yeah this weekend one of the Doctors the wifey works with is throwing an 80’s party. I was informed that I was going. Now I agreed to this when 2 things were agreed on.

1. I was allowed to get wasted
2. I was going to be Sonny Crockett (from Miami Vice)

She agreed quickly but like all things with me the costume wasn’t actually set. I mean Don Johnson and Crockett were both awesome but I like to keep thinking. So there was a conundrum. Who or what would I be? I came up with some ideas.
Devo, Chuck Norris, Hillbilly Jim (An 80’s wrestler),Rick Allen (one armed drummer in Def Leopard)

Now most people said the obvious was Chuck Norris, but I felt that I couldn’t accurately portray his awesome. So he was out. The wifey said Hillbilly Jim was too vague and that the one armed drummer was mean. So it turns out it will be Devo. Which Devo is still awesome as all get out. We’re going to make it tonight. There will be pictures of the process (and aftermath) and hell maybe a Vlog if my wife will allow. Here are pictures of the three options people had the most trouble with (Sonny Crockett, Hillbilly Jim and Rick Allen):

Also here is an 80’s quiz. How many can you get right? I got it from: http://www.inthe80s.com/

• What band got their name from the sixties movie Barbarella?
• What was the name of the character on the 1st Garbage Pail Kids Pack?
• What was Max Headroom’s network number
• Which Sci-Fi Sitcom star like to eat cats?
• Name the late eighties band that named the sides of their first album Hardware and Software and also used samples from Star Trek movies in their songs.
• Who sang “I Want My MTV” on the Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing”?
• What 80’s game show featured the “Whammy”?
• Alanis Morrisette appeared on what 80’s cable children’s show?
• What was the name of the host of Double Dare?
• Xavier Roberts was the name associated with which eighties toy?
• What made Michael Milken famous and rich?
• What was Maggie Seaver’s maiden name on Growing Pains?
• What did the license plate on the Delorean in Back To The Future spell out?
• What company made PacMan?
• What company made the first color arcade game?
• What was the first video Mtv played?
• What was the first game show on Mtv?
• What company used the little aligators as it’s symbol on clothing?
• What was the war during Regan’s first term that took place on an island in the Caribbean?
• Who shot J.R. Euing?
• What was the first movie Disney released through a subsidiary company that carried an R rating?
• What were the colors of a Rubik’s Cube?
• What show did the catch phrase, “Yeah, That’s The Ticket” originate on?
• What former communist European country was responsible for producing one of the lamest automobiles of the eighties?
• What was E.T.’s favorite candy?
• Who was the founder of Live Aid?
• What famous soap opera duo reigned on General Hospital in the eighties?
• What eighties TV show starred Bruce Willis in a detective agency?
• Which quicky brunette was one of the first MTv VJ’s?
• What was the name of David Hasselhoff’s talking car in Knight Rider?
• What eighties TV show starred Tom Hanks in women’s clothing?
• What was the name of Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop?
• What duo lost their Grammy for Best New Artist from the eighties?
• What late night news show became popular in the eighties after the Iranian Hostage takeover?
• Who was the female Prime Minister of England throughout the eighties?
• What TV show with married couples and family life appealed to those over the age of 29?
• What rock magazine that came out in the eighties is now Rolling Stone’s major competitor?
• Which movie prompted the style of wearing cutoff sweatshirts over the shoulder?
• In which Fox TV show did Johnny Depp play an undercover cop in high school?
• Which TV show portrayed the lives of performing arts high school students
• What time would you watch “Late Night With David Letterman” on NBC?
• What father/daughter duo made “Gag Me With A Spoon” a household phrase in the eighties?
• Which royal wedding of the eighties is now scandalously coming apart?
• Which pain relieving product was subjected to a public relations scare in the eighties?
• Who was responsible for the infamous assignation attempt on then President Reagan?
• Name at least three arcade games which contributed to the explosion of mall rats?

• Duran Duran
• Blasted Billy or Adam Bomb
• 23
• Alf
• Information Society
• Sting
• Press Your Luck
• “You Can’t Do that On Television”
• Mark Summers
• Cabbage Patch Kids
• Junk Bonds
• Maggie Malone
• Bally Midway
• Atari did with Tempest
• “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles
• Remote Control
• Izods
• Grenada
• J.R. Ewing was shot by Kristin Sheppard (Sue Ellen’s sister). Bobby Ewing’s death (at the hands of Katherine Wentworth) was all a dream.
• “Down and Out In Beverly Hills”
• Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/Purple, White
• Saturday Night Live
• Yugo
• Reese’s Pieces
• Bob Geldof
• Luke and Laura
• Moonlighting
• Martha Quinn
• Kitt
• Bosom Buddies
• Axel Foley
• Milli Vanilli
• Nightline
• Marget Thatcher
• Thirtysomething
• Spin
• Flashdance
• 21 Jump Street
• Fame
• 12:30-1:30
• Frank & Moon Unit Zappa
• Charles and Di
• Tylennol
• John Hinkley Jr.


5 Responses to 80’s flashback weekend

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    Boy I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. I answered 22 of the questions with 18 right. You didn’t give the answer to the last question though. I answered: Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, PacMan, Super Mario Bros. And that must be an old test because the royal couple whose marriage is coming apart…I didn’t answer that one. I would’ve answered Charles & Di if the question was phrased differently.

  2. carissajade says:

    I am really playing catch up on reading blogs.. but ahem.. where are the pics?? I NEED TO SEE THEM! Devo was my second choice, so I’m excited!!

  3. Halloween says:

    I really like that costume

  4. Right on !! Damn I’m getting addicted to your blog 🙂

  5. Outstanding site. A good deal of both interesting and useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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