We Rate B Movies

What the ratings mean:

Photobucket Will more than likely cause head trauma.

Photobucket Not a good movie.

Photobucket Like your first sex experience. Some good but mostly bad.

PhotobucketGive it a watch. Pretty good if you have nothing better to do.

Photobucket The cream of the crop of bad movies. Watch!

Checkout the full reviews at B Movie Brigade

American Ninja 2: 2 eyeballs
Chopping Mall: 3 eyeballs
Prison of the dead Blood splat
Lure: Teen Fight Club: Blood splat
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: 3 eyeballs
S.W.A.T: Firefight:1 eyeball
The New York Ripper: 3 eyeballs
Zombie Bloodbath: Blood splat


5 Responses to We Rate B Movies

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