the one with snowshoes

February 9, 2015

This was going to be a post about how happy I am with where I’m at in terms of my health and running. Then I saw the last real post (which was like a million years ago) was also about running. I though “am I really blogging about running Jimi now?” At least the post was funny.

Pants falling down always is.

AnyButtShowing the happy with my progress post will come another day. About this time last year I got serious about leading a healthier life. I had done yoga sporadically. I’d done DDP YOGA even more but it was in February last year I got serious. Serious and consistent. One of the other things I wanted to work on was being open to doing more things. As a poet and a playwright I like to be alone. It just comes with the territory. My problem was (is) that I’m often uncomfortable in situations and I let that dictate what I do.  The biggest problem I have with this is how it might hinder the wifebot’s fun. One of the things I love and admire about her is her willingness to put herself out there and try things.

This is not my style.

The point? I’m trying to do interesting things more often. I’m challenging myself more. Some ways are small (most of them are really). It’s why I’ve been a part of the Open Mic nights at Loganberry books for over a year now. It’s why when the wife wanted to go sledding this Florida raised dude went hurtling down a hill.

(On what is essentially just a trashcan lid)

I did this even though she suggested it to me after I had shoveled snow for an hour. The Shillelaghs like to make plans. There was a time where we would make a ton of plans and not really get through them all. Now? Now, the Shillelaghs destroy plans. We create and smash coffee tours. Lindsay creates seasonal bucket lists that we in turn attempt to help her crush.


Up next was snowshoeing (not officially placed on the list). Snowshoeing? Get the heck out of here with that. I mean I stumble around in snow all winter trying to get to the bus/work. Why would I or anyone want to? Right?

(Don’t be stupid!)
(Sorry I’ve not had breakfast today)

First the wifebot and I had to get our run in. It was technically week 7 day 3 of Couch to 5k. This called for a five minute warm up walk and then 25 straight minutes of running. I nailed it ending with 2 miles of running. Wait this isn’t about running!

(Damn you running!)

After a shower and a change we headed off to the winter sports center in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There we rented some snowshoes (only 5 bucks) and were shown how to wear and use them. We headed over to the Oak Hill Trail because it was a more moderate trail to do.  This was our first time and we speculated on who would be the first to fall.

There were no falls. The Shillelaghs win this round snow.  What was there?

Awesome conversations.

Pretty sights:


Poetic reflection:



And of course we stopped someone so we could have this (Lindsay’s photo):


best of overheardohio Nov-Jan

February 17, 2014


I’ve been slacking on the best of @Overheardohio. Me slacking on this is a big shock to all (one) of you huh? With that in mind (and since January only had 3—though they were pretty funny) I give you a top three for the months of November, December and January.

Honorable mention:

“my mom saw the text where I told my girlfriend I wanted to put pudding on her.”-high schooler @McDonalds

Now my picks for best.

3.  “It would be sweet to be jesus. Your parents could never get too mad at you. You’d be mom cut me some slack I’m going to be crucified”

2.   Older lady “you’re nuttier than a pet sandsquatch” guy: “a what?” Older lady “a pet sandsquatch…you know a Bigfoot”


1.  “You know I’m straight & godly but if my husband’s secretary wanted to have sex I’d let her lesbian me up”–woman drinking a giant margarita

Have any favorites? If in Ohio make sure to follow @overheardohio and send in what you hear. If you don’t live here follow and enjoy.

Post it note Tuesday: once more with feeling

December 3, 2013

Way back in the day I took part in something called Post it Note Tuesday. That sort of fell to the wayside and not just on my part. It turns out that people were clamoring for witty internet made sticky notes from yours truly. So back by popular demand post it note Tuesday.

Uh hello?

Okay fine it’s just back. Mostly because the Rizza said she missed them and I figured it’s an easy way to keep my lazy self posting. You can make your own here.

rejection letters

Last week I got 5 rejection letters. 2 of the 5 letters came on the same day.


Yeah that was an emo jimi day.



I saw a posting for making your very own Lando Calrissian moustaches. I’ve now set a new goal for making Lando staches and going around Landorizing peoples and places.

don't know Lando

He is a charming mustachioed hero!


Awesome hoodie. See yesterday’s post.


First Katy Perry and this little girl tried. (I barely even noticed Katy’s boobs) and then my coworker on his last night comes over and says “Keep writing that wonderful poetry and stay creative.” Come on people!

the one with resolutions

January 2, 2013

This is the time of year when we are legally obligated to write a resolution post. Right? Here is mine sort of.


2013’s Mother Clucking  goals!

Convince more people I have a twin at work.
So far it’s been 4 (2 in ’11 and 2 in ’12.) I thought I had posted about this at least once but I can’t find any posts. Visitors have seen me in one gallery and then another. When they bring it up I attempt to convince them I have a twin that also works there.

Get drunk and watch She-Ra: Princess of Power or He-Man on mute, adding commentary and voices.
This happened on New Year’s Eve with some friends. The term “exclusively anal” was used a lot.

Attend/read at more readings.
What the hell, how did this serious one get in here?

More naked yoga.
I really just wanted to force that visual on you. You are welcome.

Smoke cigars and say “I love it when a plan comes together” EVERY time.
A-Team bitches!

Get drunk on absinthe and make YouTube videos of me reading Poe.
Sounds like fun, no?

Compile list of poo named after movies list.

Write a play with a bear in it!
Really would be a guy in a bears’ jersey or a cubs’ hat. Etc.

Get 100 rejections.
Lol the more rejections means the more I’m submitting. So, really: SUBMIT more.

Finish the wrestling themed/inspired book of poetry.
Follow at Love is a Donkey

Finish a chapbook of Lego men coming alive and overthrowing humans poetry.
Lego men coming for us all!

Watch more bad movies.
Follow that shiz at

Buy a Dex-Starr action figure.
Dex-Starr is a Red Lantern and a cat!



Happy Fricking New Year everyone!


Best of Overheard Ohio February 2012

March 2, 2012


Is it already March? That means it’s time for The Best Overheard Ohio for February. Last month they seemed particularly weird. Here goes:

5. “Well I’ll be a dead deer’s dong”–customer at @homedepot when store employee found
what he was looking for.

4. “Let me know what ur favorite song is at the concert and I’ll finger bang ya”-man
speaking to lady friend.

3. “What you need a hamster for? No hamster ever put food on the table. You putting that
money she gave you in the bank.”–Man to kid.

2. “No you won’t ever hear the end of it. You ate chicken wings from my TRASH CAN.
Why would we let you forget it?”-Guy at the bar to friend.

1. “Why did I wake up with a french fry in my ass? Oh.”–Guy on

The one with too many stories

September 12, 2011

The one thing always working (heavily.) with the public has given me is a huge pile of stories to pick from. For the most part the only people willing to pay me have been grocery stores. The fact that I worked with/for so MANY jackasses characters helped add on to the story pile.

Part of the reason I started the blog was there were funny stories that kept happening and needed their own outlet. I appear to attract weird people and weird situations. I’d like to take credit for the many funny posts that came before being laid off, but I mostly just chronicled what happened. I let the absurd public burst forth in all their bizarre glory. In some instances I helped the funny along with my reactions and interpretations. When I first got laid off I was afraid my blog would become boring.

(It already was?)
(Well that was simply mean.)
(It’s mostly these parenthesis gags that are?)
(Fair enough.)

Then the year of being unemployed happened. It was tough for many reasons but it did eventually take its toll on here. It was mostly the fact that I ended up staying home a lot. First the work stories were taken away but then I sort of cut off all contact with the public. Soon my friends would start to say “I can’t wait till you get a job so we get more work stories.” All around many missed the work stories. Who knew it would take over a year for me to find another job?

Then the good news of job hit. Not only did I get a job but it isn’t exactly the best one out there and you got it all about dealing with the public. I was excited to have a job and a little bit about having work stories to write about. It seemed the universe missed my work related stories too and decided that I needed many of them right away.

The first week was one story after another. The one with my junk, the geese and the name trouble were just the tip of the iceberg. Almost weekly I’ve been given something—some are just sitting and waiting to be typed up. A couple weeks ago I texted the rizza with:

“Dude can I go one work day without horrible things happening?”

And the wife with:

“One normal day is all I ask for. No more stories!’

Please Universe I don’t need one every day. Please.

(I’ll give up the parenthesis gag.)
(Probably not.)

What I learned last week: 6/3-6/10

July 10, 2011

What I learned from last week

Group interviews suck:

Ok technically I already knew this. I’d been in group interviews before and they’ve always sucked. Last week I had an interview for a job at a college. I arrived all gussied up and what not. When I checked in I heard group interview and my first instinct was to run. I didn’t I sucked it up and went through with it. It was horridly painful. It ended with each of us having to get up in front and do a “commercial” about ourselves.

Katy Perry is hot.

Ok again something I already knew. I’ve never hid the fact that I have an HUGE crush on Katy Perry. The problem it seems is I also enjoy her music. I mean it’s not my favorite in the world but I dig it and she is way hot. So the wifebot bought tickets to her concert and I went.


Katy Perry puts on a surprising good show.

She sort of won me over with her performance.
(Okay she had already won me over with her boobs, but still.)
Her show was very theatrical and pretty fun.

Star Trek the Next Generation: The Porn Parody:

Yes there is this. They do appear to have tried to have a real plot and decent attempt at graphics. Kimberly Kane (another crush of mine.) is in it, but unfortunately not really in the trailer. She plays Dr. Crusher.

I REALLY like to talk about my writing:

We all probably knew that, but this week it really stuck out. There was this strange dude at the wife’s show and he heard me say I was a playwright. He asked to talk with me and asked about my writing. I talked and answered all his questions even when it got weird. He seemed to be steering it toward trying to “collaborate” with me.

The wifebot is an amazing actress:

Again already knew this but the shows this weekend were pretty impressive. Plus look what the Sun News said: Catherine Remick (the wifebot) and Natalie Dolezal start off the festival with strong, snarky emotion absolutely crucial to the scene and some of the most capable and natural acting in the production. I got it here.

Going out to see Fireworks can be a good time:

I’ve sort of been lukewarm about going to see fireworks. I mean I enjoy it but this year I had a lot of fun.The three shillelaghs headed over to family fest (I think it was called that) presented by RTA. It was a good time. It was nice to hang out enjoying the 216 on a blanket with friends and random people.



We’re rock stars:

Two times last week the wifebot and I were singled out for being awesome. As we left for the Katy Perry concert we were stopped by a lady. She said “you two look like you was walking right out of a magazine.” On the 4th of July as we entered the family fest (or whatever) a man stopped us to take our picture. He thought we were “such an interesting couple” and “looked made for each other.”

Finding lost friends:

Just yesterday my meebo app (lets me chat easily on my phone) signed on by itself. My sound was off and I was unaware. It’s connected to my aim (I know right?) and someone who I met thru a band’s message board immed me. I saw it like 3 hours later but luckily she was still online. We talked and it was nice. We’ve made sure to connect in other ways. It was very nice.

Movies on the couch:

It is such a simple joy putting in a movie and cuddling with the wifebot. Perfection.

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