TMI Thursday: Toilet Water Edition

December 23, 2010

It’s a Festivus Miracle! This makes two straight days with a post. Now will see how long that last. I’m a very busy person you know. Some of us have to go to work and all…oh wait. Never mind. Not only is a second straight day with a post but it is the return of TMI Thursday. I mean you know it’s been like 2 whole weeks or so since I’ve written one.

Yeah and you continue to ride on the coattails of Lilu.

(Shut up! But you know go read her stuff cus she is a lot funnier than me.)
(You didn’t need to agree so easily with that last statement.)

AnyLosingAllCredibility this happened a few weeks back. It turns out that my wife is one talented actress and my sister (Lisa) is one crazy lady. Now for the record I knew both of these things already. They just confirmed the thoughts. The wife was in the middle of her run as Chorus member, Monica Lewinsky and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy with a (somewhat) Happy Ending. Now my crazy sister decided she’d fly up (from FLA) and enjoy our wintry weather. She flew up for the last weekend of shows to see one.

I know crazy.

This is all of course set up—set up that technically happened after the actual tmi event. I know we’re like messing with the space time continuum here. We be getting our freaky science fiction swagger on. That’s how we roll here.

AnyStarTrek I suppose I should stop stalling and get on with the post. It is short and sweet. Okay it’s not actually that sweet. Like the good husband I am I was making sure the apartment was cleaned and presentable. The wifey was at work and my sister was arriving the next day. I cleaned and cleaned like I was Cinderella. The wifey as she likes to do made me a list of things to do. I of course followed the list to a tee.
Then out of the kindness of my heart (and despite it not being on the list) I decided to clean the bathroom too. Husband points! So I cleaned away. I cleaned the sink. I swept. I cleaned the mirror. I turned my attention to the toilet. I cleaned it until it was spotless. We could eat off of it…

Well you could—not me—no I’m not as kinky as all of you.

As I was about to leave I noticed there was actual still a spot inside the bowl. So I went down to one knee to vanquish the evil stain. Except I did it too hard and this caused a tidal wave. Toilet water (albeit clean) and toilet bowl cleaner flew up and went in my nose. A blast of cold toilet water smacked me right in the face and shirt.

My initial reaction was to blow it out of my nose. This ended with a bunch of yellowish brown boogies landing on the toilet.

I cleaned those up and then gave myself a whiskey shot as a reward.


the one with shoes

November 30, 2010

So there was that one time I was perusing the internets

(did you know they have that on computers now?)

and came across this:


Yep. Facebook and twitter shoes from Adidas. Say whaaaaat?

Well say it I’ll wait. No really say it!

I’ll take your word that you said it. Now as ridiculous as the shoes are they are kind of sweet. Anyshoes it got me thinking what would be more entertaining? What other web themed shoes could there be? So I came up with some stuff.

(Yeah you got to deal with my horrid paint shop stuff. The fact that it is so horribly done is the best part. I know it looks like a blind epileptic angry chicken did it. All for you people.)

First up: The shoe.


and then the 2 girls 1 cup shoe:


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