October’s best Overheard Ohio

November 4, 2011


The best of Overheard Ohio for the month of October! There are plenty others so go check them out. Now in no particular order:

Guy A: “She’s kind of young.” Guy B: “Well she shouldn’t be so developed if she doesn’t want me staring at her.”

“That baby so dumb he kept calling the dog daddy. I wish the dog was its daddy.”–Black dude smoking outside a BP.

“If you don’t stop hitting me with your bag I’m going to take this shit I’m holding in on your feet.”–Guy in packed bus.

Drunk guy: “I wish there was a big hamburger in my vagina…in my stomach right now.” Friend: “Dude did you just say in your vagina?”

Girl 1: “I’d fuck a Pharaoh.” Girl 2: “Yeah but you fucked our high school janitor.”


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