the one with garlic

September 9, 2013

There are many important things that are being discussed today. There are all sorts of topics to discuss like Jobs (still!!?), Fracking (bow chikka bow wow) and just what should we do about Syria?

Today I’d like to discuss something that’s very important.


More specifically the Cleveland Garlic Festival. What is the Cleveland Garlic Festival you ask? From their own website:

Funds from the Cleveland Garlic Festival allow North Union Farmers’ Market to operate markets weekly throughout the year in Greater Cleveland. We administer and expand our educational and charitable market programs, which continue to be very important complements to our market season (Food Stamp enhanced purchases/EBT-SNAP, Music at the Market, Chef at the Market, Mighty Locavores K-2 educational programming in Cleveland Municipal School District and much more). With the help of 150 loyal farmers and producers, North Union Farmers Market will bring fresh, local, healthy food to more than 275,000+ customers this year.

That is the basic reasons and good stuff that come from it. I’d call it a celebration of the yummy deliciousness that is garlic. We love garlic and put it in almost everything we make. We tried to go once before but for whatever reason we let it slip by. This year it seemed like that would happen again. We had other plans Saturday and of course like always I would be working on Sunday. Then I came across a post on Bite Buff giving away tickets. I gave it a whirl mostly because all you needed to do was post one comment.

Easy peasy is my style!

Spoiler alert: I won.

I’d like to thank the academy…

So we juggled things around to make sure we could go.


That picture doesn’t have anything to do with the garlic festival but was cool. It was near where we parked.

Our first stop was @ChillPopShop for some delicious ice pops. We opted for the Agave and Garlic one because when in Rome you choose garlic. Wait…


We weaved our way through the many Many vendors. We stopped to be shown how to plant our own garlic. They even gave us the garlic and plantable pot.


Straight from there we went over to a raffle by Meyer Hatchery. It was a raffle giving away a chicken coop and two chickens. We’d been talking about getting chickens for a while and Kat is really excited to. I dropped a dollar in for the raffle and we went away hopeful.


We ran into @AllLacqueredUp  @EatDrinkClev and @BiteBuff and chatted it up for a bit—mostly about the possibility of chickens. Always nice to run into twitter peeps but we had to make our way to the Mason’s Creamery spot for some ice cream. If you’ve not tried them you simply have to. They are some of the nicest people and their ice cream is heavenly. We had a scoop of Earl Grey and a scoop of butterscotch.

They are rapidly becoming my favorite way to spend money in Cleveland!

I was too busy trying all the various garlic centric things to take pictures but there were awesome oils, jellies, hot sauces there. Later over dinner we mentioned the Festival to the wifebot’s dad and stepmom. We even mentioned the chicken raffle. They decided to head on over to the fest. While there they put in for the raffle and long story short we are now the owners of a chicken mansion and two chickens.

Say whaaaaat?

Good times and thanks to Katrina at Bitebuff!

What is going on with the sky in this picture?



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