Things I was asked last week Volume I

September 16, 2013

I get asked all sorts of things. Questions about art aren’t the only thing visitors have. Mondays seem like a good day to post the ones from the week before. In other words I’m too lazy to do a real post.

These first three all happened on the same night (and if you follow me on twitter you feel pretty cheated).

Who cleans the glass?

This was actually asked by several people. Two middle aged men were especially interested in it. One of the dudes followed it up with “it must be some talented granny.”

 Is Buddhism a race or religion?

This was asked to settle an argument between a couple as they wandered through the Japanese and Korean art. The male in the pairing thought it was a race. She called him stupid many a time.

So you work with a lot of hot chicks huh?

I’m not sure what prompted this because there were only guys in the area I was working. The dude also seemed really high.

Bite your nails?

This came complete with a mock biting of her nails. It was an older lady who apparently thought my job should cause me to bite my nails.

Do you have a lot of hospital bills?

A coworker needing an answer about a bill he received.

Being pregnant doesn’t get me any leeway?

A pregnant lady after I told her photography wasn’t permitted in the contemporary galleries.

So they just like break eggs on/rub them on paintings?

Dude curious about Tempera.

Where are the grits?

This actually happened at the grocery store. An older couple apparently thought I looked like I knew where the grits would be. I showed them even though they had been in the aisle twice already. This gave me flash backs to working at a grocery store.




Things I get asked Volume 2

December 12, 2011

Hooray it’s time for another installment of Things Jimi gets asked at work! (Settle down!)

The last top 5:

5. How do I get out of here?
4. Do you have to guard the same gallery all the time?
3. Are these the originals?
2. Doesn’t this job get boring? (This is rapidly catching up to #1)
1. Where is the nearest restroom?

This episodes top 5:

5. Do you have to guard the same gallery all the time?
4. Where are the impressionists?
3. Are these the originals?
2. How do I get out of here?
1. Where is the nearest restroom?

If I leave my gloves on can I touch the paintings? Last person who did the painting fell on them.

I’m not going to touch it but can I get close enough to smell it (It being a painting.)?

Why don’t you have paintings in here? We got bored with them and voted them out.

Give me a ballpark figure of how much say that piece was? I bid 1 dollar on the price is right so I’m not good at this.

Did you guys steal all these from graves? Sometimes we take it from Dr. Jones.

How can we have our party here? Donate lots of money or be the Joker.

If this place is a nonprofit how come they pay you? I like money.

Will you tell my husband that this painting sorta looks like him?

Will using flash kill the paintings or something? It would release Vigo.

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