the week in phone pics

April 2, 2012

Week that was in pictures



1.  Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin made by the wifebot.
2.  Starbucks Refresher: Raspberry Pomegranate. Made w/ green coffee bean extract.
3.  The wifey in her newly made doily hoodie.
4.  Soccer ball bank. Columbus Crew ticket seed money?
5.  Glitter Easter egg that a coworker gave me. I’m not sure why.
6.  Heart shaped bird poo.
7.  Godzilla at Big Fun.
8.  Note to self on left over Animal Frites from Greenhouse Tavern 
9.  Bombshell Blonde Ale at Greenhouse Tavern
10. Coventry Arch


Snapped in the New Year #2 Loss of Humanity

January 8, 2010


Good ole Sam the Snowman. He was sort of creepy in Rudolph and when I saw he had an accident in our apartment I knew I had to take a break from the real snow and show the tragedy.

Messy Magazine Issue #3 theme

February 12, 2009


Hello messy magazine fans.
It’s time for your next challenge!

There are always situations that arise after the cloud of pretty words blows away and you realize that you are left standing exposed out in the light.

How did you not see it before?

Were your eyes really that heavy with sleep?

Did you choose not to see the inevitable or were you too content or misguided to even care?

Why didn’t anyone in your family TELL you that you were tone deaf BEFORE you tried out for American Idol and saved you humiliation in front of millions? Now you’ll NEVER get a recording contract… or a date.

Maybe we never lose that last shred of innocence that makes us happily believe all that we are told when we really, really want to hear it.

We could just be sadists and enjoy living that lie, you know, so Issue 3’s long awaited theme is…The Happiest Lie

When your ex said they would love you forever…but forever was instead measured in months, not eons.

How everyone said when you turned 18 you were an adult, yet you still had to take the garbage out for your dad.

How the back of those diet pills said your ass would melt away (just checked, it’s still there).

Maybe it was a moment when you felt caught up and moved, only to realize that wasn’t where you were supposed to be at all and you grabbed the wrong pair of pants in the process (hello awkward).

Perhaps all of the above examples are not necessarily bad things…Instead they could be masked motivation for you to see through the façade…Maybe we like being lied to.

We like fibs, tale tales, fables, and fabrication. Hell, maybe we thrive on it and need it to exist. Besides, if there were no happy lies, we’d all be a bunch of heavy, rude, cynical assholes…and who needs more of those? The world already has plenty.

We look forward to receiving your submissions for Issue 3. (We’re not lying). For more information on submission types, a quick refresher can be found on our website.
Go to messymagazine. org and click on ‘submit’ for details!

Submissions for Issue 3, The Happiest Lie, are due Thursday, February 26, 2009 by MIDNIGHT.

Please send work to or submit online at messymagazine. org.

Issue 3 will arrive in your inbox March 15, 2009.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

DON’T FORGET: Be on the lookout for the messy magazine SPECIAL FILM ISSUE on February 27, 2009. We are a proud media sponsor of the 33rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival March 19-29th at Tower City Cinemas.
Check back at messymagazine. org for film fest ticket giveaways, blogs and more!

Many congrats again to Issue 2’s contest winners…..Stephanie Stonemetz was the winner of the C.L.E. Clothing t-shirt! Be sure to add C.L.E.
Clothing on Facebook and Myspace! You can also shop at their website: http://www. cleclothing. bigcartel. com.

And congrats to Louis DiLullo the winner of The Bubble Process Prize Pack! This prize pack includes a hand printed Girl Talk poster and other Bubble Process goodies.
Check The Bubble Process out at http://thebubbleprocess. com and myspace. com/thebubbleprocess for cool posters and other fun merchandise!

Confetti in the air for all!

A few extra notes….please be sure to title your work if it is not Untitled, it helps us ensure that proper credit is given to the creator.

And if you haven’t signed up for our mailing list PLEASE do so at messymagazine. org.
And tell your friends! Thanks and hope you get extra messy with this one.

Lauren. Vanessa. Genna. Michael.

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Remember you do not need to live in Cleveland in order to submit. messy magazine and its founders call Cleveland home and enjoy the city, but that does not mean that you, out-of-towner, will have your work excluded. messy magazine is open to all.

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