Things I was asked last week Volume I

September 16, 2013

I get asked all sorts of things. Questions about art aren’t the only thing visitors have. Mondays seem like a good day to post the ones from the week before. In other words I’m too lazy to do a real post.

These first three all happened on the same night (and if you follow me on twitter you feel pretty cheated).

Who cleans the glass?

This was actually asked by several people. Two middle aged men were especially interested in it. One of the dudes followed it up with “it must be some talented granny.”

 Is Buddhism a race or religion?

This was asked to settle an argument between a couple as they wandered through the Japanese and Korean art. The male in the pairing thought it was a race. She called him stupid many a time.

So you work with a lot of hot chicks huh?

I’m not sure what prompted this because there were only guys in the area I was working. The dude also seemed really high.

Bite your nails?

This came complete with a mock biting of her nails. It was an older lady who apparently thought my job should cause me to bite my nails.

Do you have a lot of hospital bills?

A coworker needing an answer about a bill he received.

Being pregnant doesn’t get me any leeway?

A pregnant lady after I told her photography wasn’t permitted in the contemporary galleries.

So they just like break eggs on/rub them on paintings?

Dude curious about Tempera.

Where are the grits?

This actually happened at the grocery store. An older couple apparently thought I looked like I knew where the grits would be. I showed them even though they had been in the aisle twice already. This gave me flash backs to working at a grocery store.




Turning River

October 16, 2010

A new poem. I’m still working on the format and line breaks of this one. It may also grow in length. Who knows? Comments good or bad much obliged.

Turning River

I called her nikita.
the avenger.
Of course her name was Jenny
something or other.
This worked for us
against them she’d shout.
And point
an imaginary gun at some poor bastards head.
Don’t pull I’d think.
Don’t pull each time
she did and with a gusto that made me shiver.

Thankful Thursday 9-10-09

September 10, 2009

Kevin Smith’s 24 hour tweetahon:
It kept me from writing entertained when I couldn’t sleep. It also helped me come to realize one of my favorite story tellers (Smith) had written for my favorite comic book. Just in case your new to me it is Spider-man. It was during the period I was away from comic books (as my wife reads this I bet she’s thinking/saying “wish he still was”—and I say hush you!) The point is I never read his story arc and of course I need it!
I’ve since purchased the above story arc for a total of 6 bucks! To make things better I’ve bought the much booed and hissed at story arc One More Day that ended right before I started reading again. This is the story arc that ended the Peter Parker/Mary Jane romance. It is much hated by the unable to change and let things breathe fans. It shall soon be mine!

Portugal struggling:
Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal are in danger of missing the World Cup. They still have a shot but like Argentina and France it’ll be a tough path. The thought of Ronaldo crying again (this time tears of sadness) thrills me!
Zombie tees, need I say more?

Parnell’s Pub:
There is no better place to watch some soccer in the city. They pour the perfect pint too.

Columbus Sept 26th:
Going to see the Columbus Crew beat on the LA Galaxy and David Beckham.

It was a day where I got some actual writing done for the first time in a long time.

Grog Shop tonite:
A chance to drink and see some friends is always good.

Oh and this picture of me as a Sugardale Hotdog:
sugardale jimi

So what are you thankful for?


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