the one with hope (sort of)

January 21, 2013

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I’ll be honoring him by doing what he was fighting for all those years ago: telling more than a few of thousands of people who will be at the museum where the bathroom is.


The museums around Cleveland are open and this is greatly taken advantage of. There were a ton of people last year. Unless the potential snow chases people off it’ll be more of the same this year.

Some highlights (or maybe lowlights) from last year:

Someone tried to smell one of the pieces.
A twenty something tried to grope Aphrodite’s boobs.
About 20 bajillion kids tried to sit on/climb the griffins.
(I walk into gallery where the griffins are. A mother is with her kid and doesn’t see me. She motions for them to get on it.)
mom: get on it. Quick for a picture. (She sees me.) No I said not to touch it just get next to it.
Visitor said: “what kind of museum don’t let you touch things”

 We’ll see what this year brings.

To close things out here is a piece from Maya Angelou’s poem “Abundant Hope”


Reverend Martin Luther King

The great soul

Flew from the Creator

Bearing manna of hope

For his country

Starving severely from an absence of compassion.


Martin Luther King

The Great Spirit

Came from the Creator

Proffering a sparkling fountain of fair play

To his country

Parched and deformed by hate.

The whole man came forth

With a brain of gentle wisdom

To persuade quiet

Upon the loud misery of the mob.

A whole man stood out

With a mellifluous voice

To bind the joints of cruelty.

A whole man came

In the midst of a murderous nightmare

Surrounded by demons of war

He dared to dream peace and serenity.

With a heart of faith

He hoped

To resurrect his nation.


I open my mouth to the Lord,

And I won’t turn back.

Martin Luther King

Faced the racial

Mountain of segregation and

And bade it move.

The giant mound of human ignorance

Centuries old

And rigid in its determination

Did move, however slightly, however infinitesimally,

It did move.

I will go, I shall go

I’ll see what the end will be.

Enjoy your day and be kind to one another!


Things I get asked Volume 2

December 12, 2011

Hooray it’s time for another installment of Things Jimi gets asked at work! (Settle down!)

The last top 5:

5. How do I get out of here?
4. Do you have to guard the same gallery all the time?
3. Are these the originals?
2. Doesn’t this job get boring? (This is rapidly catching up to #1)
1. Where is the nearest restroom?

This episodes top 5:

5. Do you have to guard the same gallery all the time?
4. Where are the impressionists?
3. Are these the originals?
2. How do I get out of here?
1. Where is the nearest restroom?

If I leave my gloves on can I touch the paintings? Last person who did the painting fell on them.

I’m not going to touch it but can I get close enough to smell it (It being a painting.)?

Why don’t you have paintings in here? We got bored with them and voted them out.

Give me a ballpark figure of how much say that piece was? I bid 1 dollar on the price is right so I’m not good at this.

Did you guys steal all these from graves? Sometimes we take it from Dr. Jones.

How can we have our party here? Donate lots of money or be the Joker.

If this place is a nonprofit how come they pay you? I like money.

Will you tell my husband that this painting sorta looks like him?

Will using flash kill the paintings or something? It would release Vigo.

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