the one where America is a sexy bitch

August 15, 2012

It’s probably time I made a confession.

Hi I’m Jimi and I have a crush on Meghan McCain.

(Hi jimi!)

Okay that simply isn’t true. I don’t just have a crush on Meghan. I have a HUGE crush on her. I practically trip all over myself creeping on her on twitter.

What’s not to love?

(Most of my friends will yell “she’s republican!” here.)

And I counter: she’s full of life, loves whiskey and the Big Lebowski. Plus she is hot as all get out.

I got a chance to read/review America, You Sexy Bitches: A Love Letter to America thanks to The Well Read Wife. Did I mention it was free bitches?  Yeah it was. Freedom might not be free Meghan but this book was!

(That was unnecessarily mean. Freedom isn’t free is a clichéd catch phrase Ms. McCain loves to use)

My reading of America, You Sexy Bitch sort of parallels the two’s experience. How? Nobody in my life seemed to be able to understand why I was reading it. There was the Mother/Father in law who had no idea who Michael Ian Black was. They’d also forget who Meghan McCain was.  I’d remind them and they’d wonder why I wanted to read it.

I’d spend the next few minutes live swooning over her.

My coworkers were either puzzled or scandalized. I was eager to read it. To feel like I was part of the journey I threw on some yoga pants and dug into the book.


This is the book’s description of the book:

She is a single, twentysomething, gun-loving, Christian, Republican writer and blogger, the daughter of a Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee. He is a married, forty-year-old, gun-fearing, atheist, Democrat comedian, the son of a lesbian former Social Security employee. Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black barely know each other. But they are about to change the way politics is discussed in America.

I like the inner description: Michael Ian Black got hopped up on Ambien and trolled twitter. Then he tweeted at Meghan McCain (something I do daily: usually with the hashtag #swoon in it) that they should write a book. She was all “hellz yeah foo!”*

(*not really those words)

The goal is to see if two people on completely different sides can find common ground. It is unfortunate when the concept of common ground seems so foreign. That is sort of sad to me. The fact that each and every point they discussed a topic they disagree on ended in a fight sort of sucked. Of course by the end of the RV trip the fights seemed to be more based on friendly ribbing and button pushing. The book does start off a bit sluggish. I guess this is to be expected seeing as they logged the awkward time where the two had to find a groove. Once they settle into their routines

The book is certainly a love letter to America—if only a brief glimpse of the vast different places. The pair made their hot sticky way across America. They took their differing points of views to places like Nashville, Little Rock, Austin and New Orleans. One of my favorite parts is when they visited The Islamic Center of America.

(The center’s name is just so hugely American too!)

Apparently, Dearborn, Michigan turns out to be the Muslim capitol of the United States. It is here we meet Eide A. Alawan. I loved meeting him and the ideas and feelings he expressed. This is where the book succeeds the most and I sort of wish there were more moments of this. The trip had a logical ending point Washington, DC of course. Ironically it happened at a point where the derisiveness of our political parties seemed to be at a boiling point.

Hooray Congress!

Their time with Congress and dinner with her pops (John McCain) gave a real glimpse into the climate on the hill. A ray of hope was seen with their time with Dennis Kucinich who both came away with a new understanding of.

Meghan would of course have one view of the kooky Senator.  I mean he would from far (and especially from the Republican side) appear to be the worst of “liberal” nuts.

(Hey we can learn things if we just meet civilly!)

This is one of the books great successes. The fact that Kucinich was the only one to meet with them and in the process open their eyes is the hope you can pull away. The fact that the pair turned out to be able to grow close and get along should not have come as a surprise.

Meghan McCain is admittedly not the most conservative of the Republican Party. What I love about her is whatever the view she seems genuine in her desire to learn. She is ready to explore and develop her views.

I was afraid my <s> hardcore/obsessive/creeper like</s> crush would be tarnished. Some of the beliefs she expressed (and so steadfastly) made me curse my undying love for her.

But then I yelled “That is what this book is fucking about!” We too can find common ground.

That common ground? That I want to cuddle the crap out of Meghan McCain.

I mean uhm…

A coworker asked me to describe it in one sentence. I said “entertainment with some hope at the end.”

“no greater insights than that?” he countered.

Is there? Probably not.

Was there supposed to be? Probably not.

I didn’t go into it thinking anything more than that the answer would be yes they’d find common ground. There were wonderful glimpses into this country and some poignant thoughts from both McCain and Michael. There was some real emotion.

In the end it didn’t “change the way politics is discussed in America.” The statement is just another bit of wonderfully American hyperbole.

The book will make you laugh and make you think and can you really ask for more than that?

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