the one with fests

August 18, 2014

Today is Monday. I don’t hate Monday’s but that’s probably because it is essentially a weekend day for me. The thing that sucks for me is the wife is stuck at work so it’s a missed opportunity

For sexy time

The danger in Monday is if it isn’t productive writing wise it sours rather quickly. This weekend sped by helped by the fact that I worked both Saturday and Sunday. I apparently hate having a weekend. It was a weekend packed with booze, friends, working and fest.

Friday (after a 12 hour day!) we finally made it back to Parnell’s. Life got in the way and we missed our friends there. We also missed their perfect pours. We were there to send off a coworker. The Uinta SUM’R Ale is delicious.  If you are in Cleveland Hts or Downtown stop at one of them.

Drink and be merry.

Saturday I worked (covering for a friend) and it was busy. From there we headed over to the Romanian Fest at St. Mary’s. It had been too long since I had seen Rizza. We drank all manner of beers (Romanian, Croatian and Slovakian) I took only one picture:




That is Kevin pointing his inflatable American Flag Gun at me. He essentially paid five dollars for it. There were booths with carnival games set up. To win it he had to play two games (five bucks) and literally just put this giant ball in a giant basket. He had to throw it but you stood right next to it.

What is more Romanian than an inflatable American Flag gun?

We listened to traditional Romanian music. Like whatever that selfie song was. We watched older woman go to town in a dance circle that kept encroaching our talking area. We thought about starting a competing circle but didn’t. There were plenty of full track suits there and in the bathroom some old guy said something to me in a language I don’t know and shook my hand.

I’m probably a made man in the Romanian mafia now.

The beer was tasty but I forgot to try a pastry. Back at Rizza’s there were shenanigans and fireball whisky shots. The next day I had to work but had no coffee.


It was terrible.

After work on Sunday the Three Shillelagh’s walked over to Little Italy for the Feast of the Assumption. I was a mess after 6 straight days of work and 36 hours of standing over 4 days. I was in not the greatest of moods but hopefully the other shillelaghs enjoyed the feast.

I hope to do it all again next year.

Well except the working both Saturday and Sunday.

And no coffee thing.


The one with child locks

May 10, 2011

Hey there interwebbers! I’ve been a bit busy with gorging myself on many a restaurant and visiting with family. So I’ve been a little preoccupied. Fear not I’ve been soaking up adventures to post.

(Yeah right.)

As of late the wifebot has been a bit trigger happy on the child locks. This really does nothing when it comes to the door—it locks the doors but the front passenger will still open. Now the windows stay locked no matter what seat you are in.

So the lovely wife out of fear the trouble I would cause with an open window employs the child lock liberally. I apparently have a habit of yelling “weird” things at people as we pass them by. It’ll go something sort of like this:

Generic driving trip.

(I see someone or something that clicks something in my head.)

Me (to the car): Funny or weird comment.
(I turn toward the window and prepare to open it.)

Kat: No!
(She hits child lock.)

Me: I’m not a child!

Sometimes I throw in “You can’t censor me!”

Lately though she is taking no chances. It just has to seem like I may be saying something and bam child locks! She’s taken to saying “you’ve lost your window privileges.” And then “You have to earn them back.” It may be because I do it so much or a little bit to do with the weather is just turning nice enough to have the window down.

The other day she locked it for no real reason and then as we left wherever we went she unlocked it and said “go ahead enjoy it while it lasts.” I yelled something pretty much at everyone we passed. I said odd but not mean stuff.

Or for instance:

We passed by a valet parking guy (working for MVP) and I said to him: “You sir are my MVP”

Or as we came upon a dude pushing a stroller: “That is some awesome stroller pushing.”

See? Supportive gestures on my part. As we came up Little Italy there was (probably) a family outside. They were just chilling and talking and etc. The adult hugged the young girl and I called out:

“Don’t kill her!”

And the wifebot pushed the window up and said I lost all window privileges. I still say I was just doing my civic duty. Perhaps he thought it would be okay to kill her but now knows it’s wrong? You never know. Apparently this good deed is frowned upon.

Nice job reading guys!

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