last week in pictures

April 11, 2012

last  week was a pretty good time.

1. my current reading stack: Speaking with the Angel, Stealing Rembrandts, The Subterraneans (rereading), Breakfast of Champions (rereading), Crisis on Infinite Earths, American Gothic: Sixty years of horror cinema

2.  Finally fixed these glasses.

3.  Easter tie: Thrift Store find!

4.  B.J. Whitmer after his brutal street fight match for Absolute Intense Wrestling

5.  A bloody B.J. Whitmer.

6.  Tim Donst after he put someone else through that table

the week in phone pics

April 2, 2012

Week that was in pictures



1.  Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin made by the wifebot.
2.  Starbucks Refresher: Raspberry Pomegranate. Made w/ green coffee bean extract.
3.  The wifey in her newly made doily hoodie.
4.  Soccer ball bank. Columbus Crew ticket seed money?
5.  Glitter Easter egg that a coworker gave me. I’m not sure why.
6.  Heart shaped bird poo.
7.  Godzilla at Big Fun.
8.  Note to self on left over Animal Frites from Greenhouse Tavern 
9.  Bombshell Blonde Ale at Greenhouse Tavern
10. Coventry Arch

the week that was through cellphone pictures

March 19, 2012














1. Night passing the Earth to Day. (At Wade Lagoon)
2. St. Patrick’s Day tie. Appeared to blow the minds of coworkers (They aren’t very creative I guess.)
3. Incense holder filled with the remains of incense and matches.
4. My new Cleveland Clinic Fitness Center ID (Wifey thinks I look Mountain Manish.)
5. A Church on Euclid early morning.
6. Csonka sleeping on Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010.
7. Beef & Guinness stew (Our St. Patrick’s day dinner tradition.)
8. Guinness & Jameson at 7:00am @Parnellspub (My new St. Patrick’s day breakfast tradition?)



Now a few cool snaps from my camera:



At Lake View Cemetery



The perfect pour at Parnellspub

What I learned from last week

September 21, 2009

We all learn from our mistakes right? Our daily can impart valuable and useful information sometimes. People at work think I’m this whimsical fun loving rapscallion and for the most part that can be true. I’m a firm believer of just fucking do it and if people wanna look at you like you’ve lost your marbles just scream “take a picture it’ll last longer!” or “yeah I’ve lost my marbles and now I can’t fly!” Yes a vague Hook reference in the middle of a random post. How awesome is that? Where was I (and why is that question so common in my blogs?) Be random, be weird wait I wasn’t totally going for that. Scratch that…well no don’t scratch it but I mean I can be very calculating in my fun and antics. I can also be very somber and low key. I think things through and well quite often regret things. I mean it is a real problem. I regret things I’ve said in the fucking sixth grade. I stay up late at night being chase by demons of yester year. This is probably better left for another post though—you know the I regret things too much post. Aren’t you excited for it? Anyways the point is we can all learn from what happens day in day out. It may be don’t go to that bar again, or stay away from so and so, or I really liked putting that pig nose on and drinking heavily. It can lead to the discovery of small things that we really like, and here at the cheap seats we’re all about the small things. Damn walked right into that one! So dear reader if you aren’t totally confused, put off or ready to leave the blog because of this rambling inconsistent intro read on!

What I learned from last week:

You can get a piece of glass stuck in your finger while only working with produce.

Apparently fights on twitter aren’t only for football players and celebrities.

That caramel apple coffee creamer from coffeemate is so so. Taste good but wouldn’t be my first choice.

N.P.H is enough to get me to watch The Emmy’s instead of Sunday Night Football, even if it’s the only time I’ll get to watch NFL football.

My employers must hate me. I mean fairness in scheduling includes working every Sunday for the past month though they know I need Sunday off, and closing every night next week.

My wife (@kittenkaboom) wears her heart on her sleeve and I love her for it. She also wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to picking NFL games. She picks the Browns to win repeatedly.

That a smiley emoticon means nothing anymore.

That cuddling in bed with the wife on a mild Saturday afternoon while watching soccer is one of the best ways to spend my time. It’s true even if she was sleeping the whole time.

Handmade “We want Freejack” tee shirts are just plain awesome.


we want freejack

The fact that the wife would make them/wear one even though she hasn’t even seen the movie is just another sign of how awesome she is.

We want Freejack!

It is okay to hope the N.Y. Jets win if and only if they are helping to knock the New England Patriots off their pedestal for a bit. They’re both wankers though.

Eating once a day is a pretty easy way to lose weight. It however is probably not too smart.

Those asking to have some sort of produce reduced are rarely young and attractive.

My obsession with Spider-Man goes as far as almost picking up a (probably) dirty plastic bag because he’s on it. Also there was once a Spider-Man book bag (very small child’s) thrown in the bushes and I pondered picking it up. I didn’t because I was positive it’d end up being some kidnapped kid’s bag and I’d be arrested.

I’ve got a very active imagination.

International talk like a pirate day is vastly underrated in its awesomeness.

That when stressed out it always manifest itself in my neck. A very large amount of pain shows up in my neck when stressed out. I think this pain in my neck is a metaphor for people I work with.

I don’t deal well with change (at least of the work variety)

When an alcoholic continually makes jokes about being an alcoholic it gets very creepy.

I care way too much about a place that doesn’t really care all that much about me.

I actually really wish I was still in school.

I miss the effort, work, thought and camaraderie that comes with a stage production.

That it took me about 5 years to figure out how to spell camaraderie.

How big a nerd I really am. As I read Green Lantern Blackest Night I totally geeked out when Aquaman rose from the dead to join the ranks of the Black Lanterns.

That half the people who read the above statement probably has no clue what it means.

I waste entirely too much coffee trying to drink it while writing. If I’m actually writing it just sits there and gets old and cold.

Making breakfast and letting it sit next to you for an hour while you work on your script does not equal eating it.

I’m really looking forward to going to see the Columbus Crew twice in one month.

I’ve always become a snob as to where I sit but only when it comes to soccer. I can sit in the nose bleed sections for anywhere else, but have become accustomed to great seats for soccer.

When I haven’t seen l-rizz in a long time I get all out of whack and down.

Thankfully Linzi and the wife are pretty good at combating that.

I haven’t introduced myself as Jacob in a long long time.

That I’ve neglected Stiller’s Cleve-o tour greatly

tre country

That this probably doesn’t replace a thoughtful real post.

*Anyone who gets the Stiller Reference (not already in the know) will totally get some sort of prize*

So what did you learn from last week?

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