Bozo of the week 2 for 1 Florida special

December 2, 2009


That’s right friends it’s time for another bozo of the week. This one comes to us from the wonderful land of Florida, Miami to be exact. This story may seem familiar in certain aspects. Most of us have been in (or can understand) the dire of situation of being in danger of missing a flight. There’s the cursing, the reckless driving/running and prayers that somehow the flight is delayed enough for you to make it. Also familiar is having a boss that you want to impress, or having to make amends for making a mistake. So come with me down to Florida, Miami to be exact. I submit to you 31-year old Claudia De La Rosa. She for whatever reason (possibly because she rather drop the kids off at the pool in her home than get paid for it at work) she was running late and this in turn had her boss running late. Now her boss had a flight from Miami to Honduras to catch. So naturally she was worried that she may have screwed things up and wracked her brain for ways to help. Her brilliant plan?

She called in a bomb threat. Yeah let that sink in for a bit. Not only did she call the airline (American) and tell them there was a bomb on his specific plan but she also emailed the threat. She’s certainly thorough. A real go getter in the bomb threat world! The flight was delayed while the plane was searched and no bomb was found. They then traced the email to her computer and when questioned she admitted to coming up the plan when she feared her boss would miss his flight because of her. She of course was arrested. See where ambition gets you? Way to go Claudia!

A bonus bozo of the week mention goes to Keith Ballard of the Florida Panthers. Upset that his man beat him and scored a goal he decide to take it out on his stick. He swung it against the goal pipes and inadvertently hit his goalie in the ear. Vokoun (the goalie) was down for a while and was taken off on a stretcher. Way to go Ballard!


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