The one that happened because of twitter

August 21, 2010

Wiktionary defines a tweetup:

A real-life meeting organised on the social networking site Twitter.

While I’ve heard this one more than a few times:

“People who have nothing to do meet up with people they tweet when they have nothing to do.”

Both are flawed in that they don’t involve alcohol.

Got’s to have my Jack bishes!


Anydrinking you may gather from this that I attended a “tweetup” last night. Well that or I spend my Saturdays looking up definitions of things. You know whichever. Probably both of them.

So the legend goes that I had convinced the wifey to go to a local wrestling promotion. It was for Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW): The World is not Enough. It was being held at a bar in Broadview Hts. The place is called Jockos sports bar. It was pretty understood that she was not going to enjoy it nearly as much as I was.

Side note: She enjoys it more than she lets on.

Anytights this had been planned for weeks. Everything was fine. We were going and I was paying for it. We’d be pretty even when it comes for the tit for tat aspect of marriage. I mean I’ve gone to more than a few musicals just for her.

Compromises bishes!

Then twitter struck. People I dig (and have met before) started planning something. Okay I’d like to see them. I like hanging with them so I have a tiny pause in my plans. No AIW on the 20th! Then they chose my favorite place—Parnell’s Pub.

Then there were more people going.

Then I freaked out about money or you know lack thereof. I figured how I spend my money has to mean something good. Spending money on a ticket for someone who didn’t really want to be there didn’t seem the best way to spend it. Spending money at a place I love, with people I dig did. So I changed my mind. We headed over to Parnell’s at about 7pm. But back that shizzle up for a second. First a bit about my day:

I woke up and made coffee.
Then I went outside to get my paper.
It of course wasn’t there.
I cursed whoever took it. I wished that whoever took it had shards of glass coated in salt shoved in their pee hole.
Looked for a job.
Emailed some jobs.
Wrote some samples.
Reviewed notes for a review I was going to do.
Realized it was time for Yoga.
Did my yoga (45 minutes bishes)
wondered why I use bishes so much did some weights.
I went for a walk. This walk lasted about an hour and a half.

Nowhere in there did you see eat right? Yeah that’s because I forgot to eat. What the heckers?

Uhm did I really just use “what the heckers?”?

So went to Parnell’s and I got to get a nice buzz because I had no food in me whatsoever. It was a fun time. It was cool to hang with Dave and Alicia again. I got to meet some new peeps too.


It was a good ole time. We stayed till a few minutes after midnight. This of course was problematic since we had no dinner (and I no food all day!) and being midnight not many options. We had not cheated on the diet, but we did last night. Guys pizza to the rescue. I don’t believe this will hinder the diet at all. The next day we are back on track and ready freddy to continue on it.
There were two pictures taken during the fun times:

First there is Admiral Ackbar making sure the sharpie was not a trap.


Then the bartender took a picture of all attendees:


Don’t we look so happy?

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the one where it was just a tiny glob

July 15, 2010

Wow is it Thursday already? It appears to be the case, but these days they all blur together. I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Thursday and then today thinking it was Wednesday. What? Yeah don’t try to understand it.

Tomorrow I’ll probably have a post about the lecture we went to last night at The Cleveland Museum of Art. The lecture was on The Color Woodcuts of Mabel Hewit. It was very interesting and I took about 3 pages of notes.

Not one sentence of said notes is even remotely serious. That is tomorrow though. Today is all about the TMI.

Last week we (the wifey, Lindsay and I) went to our favorite drinking spot Parnell’s Pub to peep the World Cup Final.

Oh god the World Cup is over what will I do?! I feel so empty. Oh Sorry.

So we’re in there and it’s nice and packed. We got there about an hour and a half early so you know we had a great seat in front of the big TV. We enjoyed our time there. It is always fun there especially packed for a big match. So we drank (Lindsay and I more than Kat) and drank.

Lindsay got hilariously toasty but that really isn’t the story here. A little bit into the 2nd half of the match something happened. During halftime in which we got to chat it up a bit with the lovely @carlyjennifer and @azrael I could tell my allergies were going to get annoying. I could feel them inching closer (the allergies not the people we chatted with) and closer. The second half started and one nostril was feeling a little clogged but nothing would come out when I would blow my nose.

I could feel that a glob had somehow snuck its way down my nose into the throat area. He was lurking. He—we’ll call him George—George the glob—was ducking and weaving. I mean this was the freaking Muhammad Ali of the snot world. He just would not be beat. No rope a dope for this thing. I tried everything and then I tried to forget about him.

I cleared my throat except it sort of was more like:

An “Uhhhhhhhhh” noise and then bam this globule of snot (George) came plopping out of my mouth. It landed on the table—didn’t travel very far. The wifey saw it and of course went “ewww gross!” Which you know hearing “eww” of course perked Lindsay’s interest and the wife shared the info with her. Why? I don’t know.

I ripped off a piece of my napkin to take care of George. I was still watching the match and it got exciting (one of the teams was making a run) and I placed the piece of napkin down on George. I missed most of him (probably bobbed and weaved that dick) though. The napkin was next to it with its corner over part of the globule. I sort of forgot about it (read completely) until about 10 minutes later. I grabbed the napkin (to ball up) and that creepy fucker George swung a bit on to my thumb. Now I can’t say why but I sort of tried to flip it off of thumb with the napkin but I did. The napkin flew out of my hand toward my delicious Jack and Ginger. It hit the glass but didn’t really go in.

Except for George he decided a swim would be nice. He did a swan dive but luckily was still attached to the napkin so only partially went in. That’s right this snot globule fell partly into my Jack Daniels. I swiftly removed it but you know part of George was still in there somehow. I did the only thing I could do.

I drank my damn Jack Daniels. Yeah I drank it. Two reasons:

A. It’s Jack freaking Daniels and that is like precious liquid. You do not waste Jack and stay my friend.

II. It was only a little bit and you know from my mouth. We and George are practically kin.

Okay that last one probably didn’t help the cause. Drink up bitches!

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