pictures from last week

April 30, 2012





1. A blurry Señor Mango.
2. My celebratory cigar (A tasty Dominican.) This poem was what I was celebrating.
3. The wifey sharing the cigar. It went out while she did.
4. The wifebot and I at the Patent Pending show at Peabody’s.

Bonus: Video of Patent Pending rocking faces off with “Shake weights and moving crate”  in Cleveland

The recap where I’m lazy

August 30, 2010

The weekend has once again come and passed. I didn’t want Monday to show its face and ruin everything. I dreaded it all night. Okay pause. I just wanted all you employed folk to feel better about your dreading and dragging. Me? I’m sitting here in my boxers sipping coffee and listening to the radio. What is Monday?
Anyunemployed the weekend was not really filled at all. I think I left the apartment 3 times since Friday.
Yeah I’m lazy I’ve learned to love and accept it. Saturday we headed over to Astound! to finally make our comic book run and I had 40 bucks of comic books waiting for me.

Friday meant it was time to see Lou Motherflipping Barlow. The show rocked the Grog for something like 2 hours. It was awesome. It was way fun to hang with Silliebean and the lovely Camilla. It was fun yelling “do it” at Lou Barlow with her. It was also fun to hear her heckle someone she likes.

Good times.

Such as silliebean leaning in and telling Camilla’s friend that she heard that the people from Great Lakes Brewing Company are dicks and he replied:

I work there.

It was awesome! Now pictures:








Yeah that’s all. I did say I was lazy. If you haven’t read the other story from Friday night read it here.

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Magic, bunnymen, comic books, and jobs

April 27, 2010

I bet you didn’t realize that I was a magician.

Yep I’m a regular David Copperfield. I can make things vanish. No I didn’t do anything to the Statue of Liberty or make a girl get in a box. Nope I made my Blog disappear.

Oh not writing my blog for like a week and a half isn’t the same thing? Damn. I was going to put magician on my resume. In my defense “Magic Man” came on right before I wrote this.

Send all complaints to Heart.

AnyNancyWilson, last week wasn’t that great of a week for me. I couldn’t shake the blues and I’m not talking B.B. King. It started to hit me really that I was still having a real hard time finding a job. Think that freaked me out a bit and well made it hard for me to write. What can I say us writers are fragile creatures. It didn’t help that it felt like I barely saw the wife that whole week.

It’ll suffice it to say it sucked. I was down. I was probably on the edge of boredom and starting to worry about finding a job. Then I won tickets to the Echo and The Bunnymen concert from Positively Cleveland on twitter. Yeah go twitter. It sucked that the wifey couldn’t go but Pelvic Joann (@lviboheme) filled in admirably. We had a good time or at least I did and I think she at least didn’t hate it.

That night helped a ton, even if the people at the door took my sharpie from me. Also House of Blues you want $6.50 for a Jack and Ginger? For serious? It’s a good thing that one of the bartenders clearly didn’t charge me for one.

Bridget Callahan (you know your best friend?) happened to win tickets to the show too. Now this is one seriously funny chickie. If you’ve not read her blog get the hell over there and do so. I had planned on finding her and meeting her. It is a goal of mine. Yeah it didn’t work out. Pelvic Joann and I got there early and totally scoped out a spot upstairs. It had a good view and so we stayed there. At one point before the Bunnymen went on I went downstairs to see if I could find her. I wandered around a bit and 3 random people talked to me. Two complimented me on my sweet Patent Pending tee and I don’t know what the third was trying to say. Either way I skeedaddled back upstairs to safety.

The next fun time was FINALLY making a comic book run at Astound! (Mother fucker don’t you forget that exclamation point!) Yeah 12 comic books—so we’ll leave it at it had been a long time since we made it out there.

Anycomicbook it was awesome to finally get my hands on my comic books. On the job front I just applied to the Cleveland Natural History Museum and also caved in and applied at Whole Foods. We’ll see. The funny place I applied was to an ad for a church near where I live in need of an office assistant. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Save your catching on fire jokes because I’ve already made them.
In closing have you gone over and read the new shizzle over at The B Movie Brigade? Yeah bitches you can find my writing over there now too. Got a movie you think I should review or a topic you’d like me to cover? I hope so! Go read and let us know what ya think.

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