What I learned last week: 6/3-6/10

July 10, 2011

What I learned from last week

Group interviews suck:

Ok technically I already knew this. I’d been in group interviews before and they’ve always sucked. Last week I had an interview for a job at a college. I arrived all gussied up and what not. When I checked in I heard group interview and my first instinct was to run. I didn’t I sucked it up and went through with it. It was horridly painful. It ended with each of us having to get up in front and do a “commercial” about ourselves.

Katy Perry is hot.

Ok again something I already knew. I’ve never hid the fact that I have an HUGE crush on Katy Perry. The problem it seems is I also enjoy her music. I mean it’s not my favorite in the world but I dig it and she is way hot. So the wifebot bought tickets to her concert and I went.


Katy Perry puts on a surprising good show.

She sort of won me over with her performance.
(Okay she had already won me over with her boobs, but still.)
Her show was very theatrical and pretty fun.

Star Trek the Next Generation: The Porn Parody:

Yes there is this. They do appear to have tried to have a real plot and decent attempt at graphics. Kimberly Kane (another crush of mine.) is in it, but unfortunately not really in the trailer. She plays Dr. Crusher.

I REALLY like to talk about my writing:

We all probably knew that, but this week it really stuck out. There was this strange dude at the wife’s show and he heard me say I was a playwright. He asked to talk with me and asked about my writing. I talked and answered all his questions even when it got weird. He seemed to be steering it toward trying to “collaborate” with me.

The wifebot is an amazing actress:

Again already knew this but the shows this weekend were pretty impressive. Plus look what the Sun News said: Catherine Remick (the wifebot) and Natalie Dolezal start off the festival with strong, snarky emotion absolutely crucial to the scene and some of the most capable and natural acting in the production. I got it here.

Going out to see Fireworks can be a good time:

I’ve sort of been lukewarm about going to see fireworks. I mean I enjoy it but this year I had a lot of fun.The three shillelaghs headed over to family fest (I think it was called that) presented by RTA. It was a good time. It was nice to hang out enjoying the 216 on a blanket with friends and random people.



We’re rock stars:

Two times last week the wifebot and I were singled out for being awesome. As we left for the Katy Perry concert we were stopped by a lady. She said “you two look like you was walking right out of a magazine.” On the 4th of July as we entered the family fest (or whatever) a man stopped us to take our picture. He thought we were “such an interesting couple” and “looked made for each other.”

Finding lost friends:

Just yesterday my meebo app (lets me chat easily on my phone) signed on by itself. My sound was off and I was unaware. It’s connected to my aim (I know right?) and someone who I met thru a band’s message board immed me. I saw it like 3 hours later but luckily she was still online. We talked and it was nice. We’ve made sure to connect in other ways. It was very nice.

Movies on the couch:

It is such a simple joy putting in a movie and cuddling with the wifebot. Perfection.

The one where men lay with other men.

November 15, 2010

First up I’ve got some shameless self promotion for ya. 1. Go check out the new stuff at B Movie Brigade, cus there’s been a lot of activity over there lately.

Moving on….This story as made up as it’ll sound actually happened. It was about 7 pm and not long after my lovely wife went on her merry way to rehearsal.

Rehearsal you ask? For what? I’m glad you asked that. Such a nice and inquisitive readership I have. Why it is for a play titled “Hillary a Modern day Greek Tragedy with a (somewhat) happy ending.” It will be at The Chagrin Valley Little Theatre starting Nov 26th. Be there or you know see above threat.

Be there or be square.

Yes if you don’t come I will turn you into a square. I’m all Harry Potter like up in this bitch.

Little known fact about Jimi: I have not read or seen any of the Potter series.

Anyplug she had pretty much just left when I began to hear yelling. It was coming from out (side) front of our building. I of course tried to tune in. I wanted to see if there were any tidbits I could use in my writing or send to Overheard Ohio.

Wow cheap plug central.

So it got louder and angrier. I could hear one side of it more. Some angry guy was yelling “Faggot this” and “Faggot that.” Then I heard lots of motion and kicking and etc. More calling faggot and etc. I grabbed my phone and headed out there afraid someone was going to be hurt. I tend to freak out about people mistreating anyone (but especially our GLBT friends) and couldn’t live with myself if something bad was happening right outside my apartment.

The wifey upon hearing all that happened was a bit mad. She suggested I just call the cops next time and not check first. This is probably sound advice. I did not intend to do what I did. I went out and the man was still yelling but now I could see who he was yelling at. One was a young dude who was reentering our building, after walking his dog. The other one involved was a young guy on his balcony. It turns out this is what started it.

Guy a decides he needs to pee so goes between our buildings and pees on them. Guy b (dog walker) is walking his dog back there and calls him out on it. Guy a fires back with:

“SO what! There are worse things than a man peeing. Men are laying with other men. Women are laying with other women. That is worse. That is the real problem.”

It of course escalated from there, with Guy C (balcony) coming out to tell him to shut the fuck up. Enter me. Now I’m out there. I see that it isn’t what I feared but is sort of humorous. The dog walker yelled a bit more and then went inside. The pee guy is still ranting about men laying with other men and how we are all faggots. Then he begins to threaten the faggots with “sticking his dick up their ass.”

Now the 4th time he threatened this I said “Are you sure you aren’t the one who wants to lay with men?” and he goes nutso. Calls me a faggot. Kicks the bus stop and launches into the men with men rant again. As he does this a cop (they were called by balcony guy) comes around the corner. Sees him yelling (at this point really to nobody in particular) and approaches him. He calms down but this convo actually happens.

Cop: Settle down.
Peeman: I’m just pissed.
Cop: I can see that. I got a call but why don’t you tell me what happened—is happening.
Peeman: Well you see I had to pee. So what’s a man who has to be gonna do? Go pee. I’m trying to pee back there and this faggot starts yelling at me. Man—
Cop: You know you can’t just pee anywhere? That is against the law.
Peeman: I know. I know but shouldn’t other things be against the law? Like a man laying with another man?
And we got women wanting to lay down with other woman. God don’t want that. That is the injustice.

He begins ranting and the copper tries to stop him. At this point 3 Cleve Hts police cars race up like it was a drug bust or serial killer. Eventually he will rant to all of them about men on men and women with women. They nicely place him in the car and drive off.

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