last week in pictures

April 11, 2012

last  week was a pretty good time.

1. my current reading stack: Speaking with the Angel, Stealing Rembrandts, The Subterraneans (rereading), Breakfast of Champions (rereading), Crisis on Infinite Earths, American Gothic: Sixty years of horror cinema

2.  Finally fixed these glasses.

3.  Easter tie: Thrift Store find!

4.  B.J. Whitmer after his brutal street fight match for Absolute Intense Wrestling

5.  A bloody B.J. Whitmer.

6.  Tim Donst after he put someone else through that table

the one with blood and people in shopping carts

August 3, 2010

Another weekend comes to an end and it’s time to get back to the grind of the work week.

Haha. Sorry I had to do it. I hope your work week in general isn’t too bad.

My grind continues to consist of making sure that I’ve applied to at least 2 places. This is usually what Monday is. I make sure to find at least 2 jobs to apply for. I continue looking during the week but Monday is the at least 2 for that week day.

I’m sure you all are very happy to have learned that information.

Anyunemployment the weekend was a fun one. It started on Friday (as they often do) with a trip to the Grog Shop. We were going to support a friend’s brother’s band. The band is Mos scocious who apparently was voted best local band in Chicago. I only had to hear this fact about 600 times from various sources. Whatev. They were good. A little too feel goody for my usual taste but they were fun.

They were good to listen to and pretty catchy. They also had a decent stage presence which is something that some of the bands sorely lack. I was very happy to go because it had been way too long since I’d been to the Grog. The wife and been recently but not me. I miss it and this summer is a long way from the summer of the Grog we had with the rizza a few years back. So it’s been a while.

There was a new girl and the jack and ginger she made me was well it was very weak. As we chatted and drank Marty came over to see if we needed anything. The wifey told him no but I said “order me another I’m going to chug this.” He laughed and started to make one. I told him it was because she made it rather weak, he laughed again and made it nice and strong. Which of course meant the new drink was way STRONG. Yeah! Actually the bartenders at the Grog are some of the best in town.

Anywhiskey the opening act played to maybe15 people. Most of these were at the bar and most of them didn’t pay attention to the opener. It was just one man, and he was rapping. He wasn’t too bad. I feel bad because I forget (and lost the note I wrote it on) his name. His rhymes were not too bad. Even if one ended with:

“I’m so large I’ll stretch your womb.”

I meant to tell him I dug his stuff and see if he had a twitter or Facebook but after he disappeared into the backroom I never saw him again. Before the show we went over to the doghouse for some hot dogs, because the wifey napped/read until it was time to hit the show. It was tasty as always. It was good to sit outside on Coventry and eat. People watching at its finest—though unfortunately didn’t get any good Overheard Conversation bits.

Did I just start in the middle of the night and then travel backwards? What is this Memento?

Saturday was a day of two halves. I woke up at about 10am to find no paper. Now this is most likely due to the bank taking forever to give the plain dealer their money. After some coffee the wife and I sat down to address her dying computer. We were on the phone for like 3 crazy hours with Dell but all in all it finally got taken care of. It really doesn’t deserve that much of a space as the fun things.

Later that day we headed over to the Cleveland Cinematheque for the next installment of The Marx Brothers. This week it was Horse Feathers. This fine film came out in 1932.

Funny as the Marx Brothers always are. The wife enjoyed it—and I’m hoping this new found enjoyment changes her opinion of Duck Soup. Lindsay, the wife and I then went to Cafe Tandoor for some dinner. It was delish. The wife and I shared the Butter Chicken, Baingan Bartha and some garlic naan. The time was filled with laughter and that is always good. The wifey I spent the rest of the night in watching some tv and doing some reading. I was in sort of a somber mood but nothing major. We ended up staying up till like 4 in the morning.

Sunday the big day was here. My lovely Kat and I were headed to the Nautica Pavilion for PWO Wrestlelution 3 event. Yeah we went to watch some wrestling. Can you guess who the one who wanted to was? I gave her the option of just dropping me off but she declined. So onward we went. The event started at 3pm and doors opened at 2. We arrived at exactly 2 because being poor I only bought general admission tickets.

It was sit where you can and we scoped out some decent seats. You could see well from pretty much anywhere. We sat and chatted and what not. When Raven walked past us and took a seat at the merch table. There was simply no way I could pass up seeing my all time fav (and greatest heel of all time) Raven and so we headed over. As we waited in line Hacksaw Jim Duggan approached to much fanfare. Now as wrestlers go he’s not my fav or all that amazing of one either, but I grew up watching him. As people said “hey” shook his hand or said “hoooo” (he’s known for belting out hooooo) I tried to stay my ground. I told my wife I was trying to keep my cool and not mark out or get all excited just because of childhood nostalgia. The wife egged me on because she was concerned I’d regret it. Regret will be a topic of a post soon, but not today because I was doing things not regretting them for a change. I calmly shook his hand and said Hi. That was all that was needed. I was in line for the one I needed to meet and chat with: RAVEN!


Greatest heel of all time Raven

Raven and Hacksaw Jim Duggan:

Raven and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

And then me trying to keep my cool later on.


It was awesome. I got to meet him and talk for just a bit (read about 3 sentences from me and 3 from him) but it was enough. I tried my best not to totally bumble and blather. The event went for about 3 and half hours. By the end the wifey was sort of cranky because she was hungry and tired. But she sort of enjoyed and I know she did. During the main event M-Dogg 20 v Johnny Gargano for the PWO Title, the two tore the place up (literally). They went all over the stands floor and ring. It was a great match and there were several times kat said this:

“No no no. What are they crazy?”

Here are some pictures:



Jason Bane threw Raven into a shopping cart:

Bane throws Raven into a shopping cart

Johnny Gargano flips onto M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross:

Johnny Gargano trying to kill M-Dogg 20, himself or both

Johnny Gargano dragging Matt Cross through the crowd:


We went from here to a nice dinner at Mi Pueblo and then a quiet night at home.

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TMI Thursday: Wrong bloody bathroom lady!

February 11, 2010

Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!
TMI Thursday

Well, Hello neighbor! Look, its Thursday again. Wow! Did you know it was Thursday again already? I bet you did. You look real smart. Do you know what Thursday means neighbor? That’s right…hold on let me take my shoes off….it means it is….now my sweater….TMI Thursday! Do you like TMI Thursday? Okay enough of the cheap Mr. Rogers impersonation. I’m not sure why I even had the urge to do that (Other than the fact that I was getting naked as I typed this.)

I’m just kidding.

I was naked the whole time.


Or am I?

Anynaked time for my TMI Post. This one harkens back a couple of months. It goes back to my first bout with the cough from hell. Sadly for all of you I do not have a picture to go with it. I know I know but do try to cheer up.

So I was at work and the cough at this point was (probably) at its worst. I was coughing hard just about every minute with instances of prolonged fits. So much coughing (and so hard) that there were blood vessels bursting and my face looked terrible. I looked like patient zero in a zombie flick. I was coughing and spitting stuff up at a pretty good clip. I mean I was a pro at it….hmmm perhaps I can find a way to get paid for it. No? Okay. It was at the point where there was blood in the crap I was spitting up. This day was no different. Well except for what happened. So I was feeling like crap. I didn’t sleep much the night before and had considered calling off. I of course did not. So I’m at work and the cough hasn’t been too bad. I had enough control to make it to the back or to the bathroom when I was gonna have a bad amount of coughing. This is one of those trips. I get into the bathroom and cough till my face is red, afterwards I stood in front of the sink trying to collect myself. My nose had been bothering me. It felt real sore, dry but every time I coughed it seemed to fill up. So I blew my nose and some stuff came out but it (my nose) felt filled. So after another blow with no success I succumbed to desperation. I moved closer to the sink and pushed one finger to my nose and


Everything in my nose, head and body appeared to come out. It hurt like hell too. I coughed and coughed and when I looked up there was blood, snot and god knows what sprayed all over the sink. Son of a bitch! I turn to get some paper towels and what do I see?

A woman is standing in the doorway switching from me to the sink and back again. She had one of the most horrified looks on her face I’ve ever seen. She said “I thought this was the ladies room” and ran out.

Yeah. Awesome.

Bozo of the week 2 for 1 Florida special

December 2, 2009


That’s right friends it’s time for another bozo of the week. This one comes to us from the wonderful land of Florida, Miami to be exact. This story may seem familiar in certain aspects. Most of us have been in (or can understand) the dire of situation of being in danger of missing a flight. There’s the cursing, the reckless driving/running and prayers that somehow the flight is delayed enough for you to make it. Also familiar is having a boss that you want to impress, or having to make amends for making a mistake. So come with me down to Florida, Miami to be exact. I submit to you 31-year old Claudia De La Rosa. She for whatever reason (possibly because she rather drop the kids off at the pool in her home than get paid for it at work) she was running late and this in turn had her boss running late. Now her boss had a flight from Miami to Honduras to catch. So naturally she was worried that she may have screwed things up and wracked her brain for ways to help. Her brilliant plan?

She called in a bomb threat. Yeah let that sink in for a bit. Not only did she call the airline (American) and tell them there was a bomb on his specific plan but she also emailed the threat. She’s certainly thorough. A real go getter in the bomb threat world! The flight was delayed while the plane was searched and no bomb was found. They then traced the email to her computer and when questioned she admitted to coming up the plan when she feared her boss would miss his flight because of her. She of course was arrested. See where ambition gets you? Way to go Claudia!

A bonus bozo of the week mention goes to Keith Ballard of the Florida Panthers. Upset that his man beat him and scored a goal he decide to take it out on his stick. He swung it against the goal pipes and inadvertently hit his goalie in the ear. Vokoun (the goalie) was down for a while and was taken off on a stretcher. Way to go Ballard!

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