best of overheardohio Nov-Jan

February 17, 2014


I’ve been slacking on the best of @Overheardohio. Me slacking on this is a big shock to all (one) of you huh? With that in mind (and since January only had 3—though they were pretty funny) I give you a top three for the months of November, December and January.

Honorable mention:

“my mom saw the text where I told my girlfriend I wanted to put pudding on her.”-high schooler @McDonalds

Now my picks for best.

3.  “It would be sweet to be jesus. Your parents could never get too mad at you. You’d be mom cut me some slack I’m going to be crucified”

2.   Older lady “you’re nuttier than a pet sandsquatch” guy: “a what?” Older lady “a pet sandsquatch…you know a Bigfoot”


1.  “You know I’m straight & godly but if my husband’s secretary wanted to have sex I’d let her lesbian me up”–woman drinking a giant margarita

Have any favorites? If in Ohio make sure to follow @overheardohio and send in what you hear. If you don’t live here follow and enjoy.

best of overheardohio for April

May 3, 2012


Hooray it’s May! Here is the top 5 @overheardohio for the month of April.

First almost made the cut (and received a bunch of Retweets): “Your Father and I aren’t paying an arm and a leg to put you through college for you to earn spending money stripping.”

There were some good ones in April so don’t forget to go read them:

“If zombies smoked weed, we’re the fucking cheetos man.”

“I like my mens to be milk white. No white gangstas tho. If they gangsta I might as well date a black dude.”–Black girl on the bus.

“Mother I’m in my thirties I can enjoy looking at women.”-Guy at grocery store after checking out a woman.

“I’m quality. You the dollar store to my @walmart.”

“You can get a blow job or a birthday cake but not both tonight” – woman on cell phone.

Best overheardohio for March ’12

April 9, 2012

Time once again for the best Overheardohio. March provided quite a lot of them. Check them all out. Before we start we’ll give an honorable mention to one. This one is just too specific to Cleveland (and too funny) not to post.

Honorable mention:

“look at me I’m a CHEF! I do CHEF things. I’m so quirky & lovable! Please think I’m quirky. That’s my impression of Cleveland Chefs”

Ready for the top 5? Here we go:

“There’s a thunder storm brewing all right, it’s in your butt.”–woman to the man she was walking with.

“Come on feel them noids, girls ride your boys!”–Drunk Affliction guy butchering the lyrics to ‘Cum On Feel the Noize’

“Girl, I done told you to keep your hand out of your lady cave.”-woman to child with her hand in her pants.

Guy1: “Look how that one be sucking on that straw. MMMM girl.” Guy2: “That’s a dude.” 2 guys at McDonalds

And number one:

“This baby been nicer inside me. When you was in you were the worst. I wished I ended it sometimes” –Pregnant women to kid as they walked.

Best of Overheard Ohio February 2012

March 2, 2012


Is it already March? That means it’s time for The Best Overheard Ohio for February. Last month they seemed particularly weird. Here goes:

5. “Well I’ll be a dead deer’s dong”–customer at @homedepot when store employee found
what he was looking for.

4. “Let me know what ur favorite song is at the concert and I’ll finger bang ya”-man
speaking to lady friend.

3. “What you need a hamster for? No hamster ever put food on the table. You putting that
money she gave you in the bank.”–Man to kid.

2. “No you won’t ever hear the end of it. You ate chicken wings from my TRASH CAN.
Why would we let you forget it?”-Guy at the bar to friend.

1. “Why did I wake up with a french fry in my ass? Oh.”–Guy on

weed, gender bending bars, white meat and donuts

February 8, 2012


It’s that time again! The best of Overheard Ohio will be done a little differently this time around. Overheard got a ton for January and many of them were popular. So this time the top 5 are based on how many star/retweets they received. Enjoy:

5. “Sometimes I like to find me a real cheesy white guy to fuck.”–Black chick inside @TheRealBSide

4. “I will never go to another bar where you can’t be sure if it’s a dude or a chick again.”–Frat looking guy.

3. Woman A: “He tried to fuck your sister?” Woman B: “Yeah. I should have known he was a dog he always bought the cheapest toilet paper.”

2. “I love that the guy I get my weed from lets me pay with hand jobs sometimes.” –girl outside of CVS.

1. “Just go in and get me some god damn donuts or I will drink until this baby is retarded!” – pregnant lady outside of Dunkin’ Donuts

Best of Overheard Ohio December

January 2, 2012


Happy New Year bitches! I hope you had a great holiday season and that the New Year is awesome! December was a little sparse but had some quality ones. This month’s number one was retweeted 14 times! Here are the best of Overheard Ohio for the month of December! Enjoy:

5. Guy1: “Bitch said I can get anal if I let her put her finger in mine.” Guy2: “You gonna do it?” Guy1: “Shit!…I dunno”

4. Guy1 “Why aren’t these fries free? It’s suppose to be free today” Guy2: “That is Burger King you fat dumb ass!” Two guys in line at McDonalds.

3. “district manager sent her an official memo asking her to not sing during work hours. She got emo & took down all her Christmas decorations”

2. “Someone left a ziploc bag of random pills on the bus and you thought it was a good idea to just start taking them?”–dude at Rascal House.

1. “I’d sew my cooter shut before I have sex with a guy who wears skinny jeans.”

Best of Overheard Ohio for November

December 6, 2011


The best of Overheard Ohio for the month of November! There are plenty more so go check them out and you know follow it on twitter bitches!

5. “Your penis doesn’t inspire me.”–Girl on phone complaining about being an uninspired artist.

4. “My family loves when I make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving but they can bite my left titty. I ain’t making shit” -Black woman at store.

3. “ugh whose leg do I have to hump to get a peanut butter sandwich”–middle school kid.

2. “You see that chinamen over there holding that purse for his woman? That’d be me if WE hadn’t dropped the bomb on them.”-old guy in army hat

And number 1: “Honey I don’t think it’s pronounced PIE-casso.” -woman to her husband looking at Picasso paintings @clevelandart

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