Post it note Tuesday: once more with feeling

Way back in the day I took part in something called Post it Note Tuesday. That sort of fell to the wayside and not just on my part. It turns out that people were clamoring for witty internet made sticky notes from yours truly. So back by popular demand post it note Tuesday.

Uh hello?

Okay fine it’s just back. Mostly because the Rizza said she missed them and I figured it’s an easy way to keep my lazy self posting. You can make your own here.

rejection letters

Last week I got 5 rejection letters. 2 of the 5 letters came on the same day.


Yeah that was an emo jimi day.



I saw a posting for making your very own Lando Calrissian moustaches. I’ve now set a new goal for making Lando staches and going around Landorizing peoples and places.

don't know Lando

He is a charming mustachioed hero!


Awesome hoodie. See yesterday’s post.


First Katy Perry and this little girl tried. (I barely even noticed Katy’s boobs) and then my coworker on his last night comes over and says “Keep writing that wonderful poetry and stay creative.” Come on people!

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