the one with spider-man

So my awesome sister flew up from Florida last week. She apparently brought the snow with her. The temp dropped and the snow fell basically as soon as she landed and on her last day we warmed up (you know to a warm upper 30’s.) It was awesome to have her up here for her birthday and then Thanksgiving.

This could be a post about family, or Thanksgiving or what I’m thankful for but it isn’t. It’s about the awesomeness that is this:


And the added awesomeness of the different reactions it gets. My sister pretty much gave it to me the moment we walked in our door. I of course immediately put it on. Despite the fact that it was probably (slightly) above hoodie weather I wore it out that night. Where to? A special church Thanksgiving dinner that we were guilt tripped invited to attend by her sister. Now we are not church goers but have no problem with churchies—I mean people who attend church.

Me being me I wore it to the dinner. I walked in with it all the way up and the looks were amazing. I’m not a total dick so I unzipped it soon after entering. Then the looks were probably who the heck are these guys but everyone was nice. I left the hood up. The hoodie being up cause the awesome half Peter Parker half Spidey look the comic uses a lot.



On the street I wore it fully zipped but added some pretend web slinging/shooting at buildings and people.


Spidey what’s up?
What the fuck?
Did he just throw something?
A couple people in starbucks tried to snap pics.

The other day I came into work with it fully up and started to unzip it as two managers walked down the hall.

one: Oh it’s Remick.
two: Like you really needed to ask who it was?

I guess since my sister gave it to me this post was about family and what I’m thankful for.


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