the one with a screen test

Way back in August (that really seems far away) my birthday rolled around. It turns out the Miami Marlins were playing the pirates in Pittsburgh on my birthday. The rest of the shillelaghs were on board to come with. We decided to make it a day and then stay the night at a cheap motel and leave in the morning.

It was a beautiful Tuesday. We started the same as all our roadies: with a trip to Luna Bakery Café. It’s a tradition and delicious. On our way we still hadn’t decided where we were going to hit up once there. It was a safe bet it’d be art related. There’s the Warhol museum, the toonseum (cartoon museum–visit it’s awesome!) I’ve never been to the Carnegie Museum of art so it seemed the logical choice but that’s not how we roll. We did a simple equation:

August 6th is jimi’s birthday x August 6th is Warhol’s birthday = going to the Warhol.

We had been to the Warhol before but it had been a while. There were a bunch of different things and many more ways to interact. One way was doing your own screen test.

From the Warhol museum:

Warhol’s Screen Tests, which number approximately 500, are revealing portraits of hundreds of different individuals, shot between 1964 and 1966. The subjects are both regulars of the Factory scene and new visitors—both famous and anonymous. They were all asked to pose to be captured by Warhol’s stationary 16mm Bolex movie camera on silent, black and white, 100-foot rolls of film. Each screen test was exactly the same length, lasting only as long as the roll of film, about 2 ¾ minutes. The resulting films were projected in slow motion so that each lasted approximately four minutes. For exhibition, Warhol strung the Screen Tests together in a sequence, inducing an almost hypnotic reverie that could “help the audiences get more acquainted with themselves,” as he once said.

You know the shillelaghs weren’t going to pass that up. Watch below for some silent, black and white awkwardness.


One Response to the one with a screen test

  1. Mom says:

    There, I knew I’d see tongue if I waited long enough.

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