Conversations with Jimi: Volume 18


And now for your reading pleasure I present to you another edition of Conversations with Jimi.



visitor: what is the quickest way to Pompeii?
me: Plane.
visitor: ….


visitor (looks into the Rothko room): I’m sorry is this still part of the Pompeii exhibit? I think I’m lost.
me: That’s okay we’re all a little lost in some way.
visitor: ….


(visitor sets off the sensors and stands there as it beeps.)
me: can you please step back.
visitor: oh was that me? I thought that was part of the art.
me: you thought a table from the 1700’s was making a loud beeping sound?
visitor: I’m not…I don’t know much about art.


Student: How does one go about getting this job?
me: First you get an English degree with a concentration in Creative writing. Then you realize that is worthless. Next you get laid off and desperately apply at the museum.
Student: Oh.


(Visitor asks a question about something.)
Me: well the legend goes–
visitor: you’re nothing but trouble. I can tell.


And then this exchanged happened:

Me (to wifebot): says the woman who lives in crabbyville.
Her: Yeah well you vacation there all the time.
Me: You know that being that you are the mayor of neighboring crabtopia
Her: You should run for President of the United States of Poopy Face.

Be Jealous.




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