The one where Jimi is a hobo


Is this thing on? I know it’s been a while but I’m back Jack. Sorry, I didn’t mean to single you out there Jack. I’ve been REALLY inconsistent as of late. To make up for that I’m going to give all of you a special glimpse into the childhood of jimi.

That’s right TMI Thursday.

Err Monday. TMI Monday.

Wait what? TMI Monday? More than you wanted to know Monday? Is anyone even reading this still?


This will be a TMI of the you probably don’t need to know. It won’t be a gross one. It’ll be a “dang that Jimi is weird” kind. Some of you may know that I grew up in Florida. If not you know now and as Duke tells us: Knowing is half the battle.

I love the cold and snow. There I said it. I’m not a fan of being hot. I much rather be in 40’s and 50’s than the scorching Florida heat. In Florida there would be a few nights when the temps would drop and the people would go nuts. Then there were times when the temps would actually drop enough to have concern for those who were homeless. I enjoyed these nights. Who doesn’t love seeing the homeless freeze to death—I uhm…mean because of the cold.

It meant I could curl up under the covers for a change. It also meant (and here is the weird tmi) I could pretend. Pretend what Jimi? Pretend that I was homeless and needed to struggle to find warmth.

Yes, when I was young, I pretended to be a hobo. A hobo who needed to fend off the freezing weather. It helped me sleep. I can’t even begin to explain why.

Top 5 reasons to be a hobo:

5.  Hobo is an awesome word.
4.  Hobo code
3.  No need to shave
2.  Fight off frost bite.
1. Ride the rails.

There is a wiki how on how to become a hobo.

Have a Happy New Year and stay warm. Hey! Stay away from my beans! Never mess with a Hobo’s beans!


2 Responses to The one where Jimi is a hobo

  1. Melinda says:

    Every time I think of hobos, I think of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. True story.

  2. carissajaded says:

    I’ve missed you Jimi! Weird fact. I also used to pretend to be a hobo. Only not at night. I used to pack a back on a stick and wander the streets. But I had Kudos and Capris Suns. So technically, I wasn’t very good at pretending.

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