May’s Best of Overheard Ohio


Holy cow where the hell did May go? I present to you the top Overheard Ohio for the month of May!

Honorable mention goes to:

woman 1: “This dirty homeless guy called me sexy as I walked to work yesterday.” woman 2: “was he hot?”

5. “my legs are all bruised. Apparently I fell & was yelling I can’t feel my legs so they kicked me until I shut up.”

4. “Baby girl this ain’t the 50’s you ain’t gonna find another man willing to pay for everything.” black dude walking down East 4th.

3. “what present says I’m sorry our 6 year old called you mother the old moose because of me?”

2. “just don’t bring up her arm hair again.” woman to guy as they walk to their car.

Number 1:

“NO I done told you my booty popping days be over!” –woman on phone outside of Severance Walmart.


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