Best overheardohio for March ’12

Time once again for the best Overheardohio. March provided quite a lot of them. Check them all out. Before we start we’ll give an honorable mention to one. This one is just too specific to Cleveland (and too funny) not to post.

Honorable mention:

“look at me I’m a CHEF! I do CHEF things. I’m so quirky & lovable! Please think I’m quirky. That’s my impression of Cleveland Chefs”

Ready for the top 5? Here we go:

“There’s a thunder storm brewing all right, it’s in your butt.”–woman to the man she was walking with.

“Come on feel them noids, girls ride your boys!”–Drunk Affliction guy butchering the lyrics to ‘Cum On Feel the Noize’

“Girl, I done told you to keep your hand out of your lady cave.”-woman to child with her hand in her pants.

Guy1: “Look how that one be sucking on that straw. MMMM girl.” Guy2: “That’s a dude.” 2 guys at McDonalds

And number one:

“This baby been nicer inside me. When you was in you were the worst. I wished I ended it sometimes” –Pregnant women to kid as they walked.


One Response to Best overheardohio for March ’12

  1. Ducky says:

    SO many people wasting my good breathable air…..

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