the week in phone pics

Week that was in pictures



1.  Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin made by the wifebot.
2.  Starbucks Refresher: Raspberry Pomegranate. Made w/ green coffee bean extract.
3.  The wifey in her newly made doily hoodie.
4.  Soccer ball bank. Columbus Crew ticket seed money?
5.  Glitter Easter egg that a coworker gave me. I’m not sure why.
6.  Heart shaped bird poo.
7.  Godzilla at Big Fun.
8.  Note to self on left over Animal Frites from Greenhouse Tavern 
9.  Bombshell Blonde Ale at Greenhouse Tavern
10. Coventry Arch

2 Responses to the week in phone pics

  1. bluecollarworkman says:

    It’s good you said what each pic was becuase when I got to that glitter easter egg I just stared at it, couldn’t figure it out. meteorite? Giant rock-like poop? But no, not poop. Although the next pic was 🙂

    • haha. yeah. It was funny this coworker comes back from her lunch and stops in front of me. Then out of nowhere she just holds out this glittery egg. I had glitter everywhere all day.

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