Conversations with jimi: the mirror mirror edition

People talk to me. I tend to talk back to them. Sometimes we are even talking about the same things. These conversations can be pretty funny all on their own. Other times I have to spice them up a bit. This may come as a shock but I enjoy making things up. I like tricking people. This is all in the name of fun of course. Dealing with the public gives me many opportunities to do this. I generally collect these moments and present them to all (one) of you, but sometimes a conversation deserves its own post. Sort of like the Warhol edition and the hot cousin edition.


I present to you conversations with jimi: the mirror mirror edition.

The following takes place in the French and Dutch gallery (215-216). One of the pieces in 216 is a big mirror. It is above a table and is often used by people to check out how they look. I walk in and there is a young woman fixing her hair/looking at herself in it.


Her: you caught me. (Laughs)
Me: oh you aren’t the only one who does it.
Her: good.
Me: we actually have a video camera behind it.
Her: what?
Me: yeah. It sends it to a monitor in the gift shop. Other visitors can watch it.
Her: WHAT? are you serious?
Me: Yep.
Her: no way! I was doing the duck face thing.


I eventually told her the truth but waited till she was convinced I was telling the truth.


2 Responses to Conversations with jimi: the mirror mirror edition

  1. kakaty says:

    I’ve told you before and I’ll say it here again, the conversations you have at work are awesome.

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