Better know a Patron: jumpy patron

Anyone who works with the public knows you get all kinds. The world is full of all sorts of kooky, weird as all get out people. Hell, I’m including myself (and if you’re reading this blog, you are in that category too.) I will say the people who I meet now are an entirely different breed than the ones I got at the grocery store. I’ve been chronicling on twitter (and facebook) my interactions and the people I’ve met.

These people can be put into different categories when it comes to what kind of “patrons” they are. So we shall start the Better know a patron segment here.

No I most certainly did not take the name from Stephen Colbert’s Better know a District bit. It is purely coincidental dear reader.

We will get specific, or sometimes it’ll just be there is this type and here are examples. We do get a bunch of repeat visitors, and you’ll love getting to know them.

First up the overly jumpy patron:

This patron thinks that my job is to get them in trouble for everything/anything they do. There are some who seem to think any misstep (real or simply perceived) will get them in trouble. Perhaps they are used to guards that bully people.

There is a certain area of the building where you really just sort of stand around (or sit: few places you are allowed to sit all day), and make sure the public doesn’t accidentally wander down there. It is a construction zone and during the week this would be a busy job. On Sundays there are no construction workers to watch though. It is a peaceful ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy spot. A few times (maybe) you’ll have to stop patrons from getting off the elevator but generally you can just relax. The following took place on Sunday between the hour of 12pm and 1pm.

(Oh man, 24 references never get old.)

I was scheduled to work there, and I was enjoying my day. There had been no patrons trying to get off (mind out of the gutter!) there. I had been sitting for a while so I stood up to stretch my legs a bit. I was right up against the wall of the elevator when it opened. I moved in front of it as a lady (maybe in her 50’s), a man (same) and a younger guy started to get off. I had been trying to fix my radio (hooked to my belt), and as they got off instead of saying something I put my hand out to say stop

The lady jumped! She jumped back and was all “OH…OH, I’m sorry. I’M SORRY! We…I…weren’t not allowed here!”

Before I could say anything (hand still out), the older dude chimed in:

(Fumbling for his map) “We didn’t mean to!”

Her: “We swear!”

Finally I told them where they went wrong and sent them on their way. It was hilarious though.


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