The one where I start a new league

So apparently the Super Bowl was on a couple of days ago. I actually knew that, even if a few weeks ago, I made plans to watch a silent film at the Cleveland Cinematheque at the very same time the game was going to be on. Luckily we switched the date to watch The Fall of the House of Usher to the Saturday before. I was free to sit back and cheer against Tom Brady and his dumb bowl haircut.

In what should have been posted beforehand news: I started the cat vs. cat vs. wife pick ‘em league. First match up was the Super Bowl.

I attempted to film this for hilarity, but it really failed. I do hope to work it in the future though. It went something like this:

Me: (Dropping two crumpled up pieces of paper on the ground: one says NY, the other NE) Now get them!

(Rasputin just looks.)

Me: Damnit.

(I throw them again. This time the left over paper falls off of the table, and he runs for those.)

Bastards! I will make this work!

AnyNonAgreeableCats, here were the results.

Csonka: Giants
Rasputin: Patriots
Wife (aloud – I did not make her chase paper): Patriots

So Csonka races out to the lead. Although when Tom Brady and the Patriots lose, doesn’t everyone?

Next up will be the NBA All Star game. Stay tuned.



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  1. […] It’s time for the cat vs cast vs wife pickem league. The CCWPL if you will. The first match started with the Super Bowl. You can see about that here. […]

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