Best of Overheard Ohio December


Happy New Year bitches! I hope you had a great holiday season and that the New Year is awesome! December was a little sparse but had some quality ones. This month’s number one was retweeted 14 times! Here are the best of Overheard Ohio for the month of December! Enjoy:

5. Guy1: “Bitch said I can get anal if I let her put her finger in mine.” Guy2: “You gonna do it?” Guy1: “Shit!…I dunno”

4. Guy1 “Why aren’t these fries free? It’s suppose to be free today” Guy2: “That is Burger King you fat dumb ass!” Two guys in line at McDonalds.

3. “district manager sent her an official memo asking her to not sing during work hours. She got emo & took down all her Christmas decorations”

2. “Someone left a ziploc bag of random pills on the bus and you thought it was a good idea to just start taking them?”–dude at Rascal House.

1. “I’d sew my cooter shut before I have sex with a guy who wears skinny jeans.”


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