The one where I go all Billy the kid

It’s been well documented (well=1 post about it) my battle with boredom at work. I still do the force field thing. Scanning my thumb print before entering a gallery is ingrained in my work mind at this point. I use the force when walking through the BLASI automatic doors.

(I use the force to open a set of doors.)
Coworker “Were you waving hello to someone?”
Me “I was opening the gallery door with the force. I went all Obi-Wan on it.”
Coworker “Oh….”

I like to keep it light at work. I feel obligated to spread my awesomeness to all of my coworkers. I’m a giver like that. It was with this in mind that I came up with a new goal. About a week ago I decided that I’d greet coworkers in a new way. I’d greet them with the two finger-gun method. I would do this with the hopes that one day a coworker will feign being shot.

I’ve since named this the “Billy the Kid method” and have done it pretty much nonstop since. It has grown since its humble beginnings. I now go so far as to pull the finger guns from imaginary holsters and then replace them. Still nothing has happened—at least in terms of feigning being shot—from my coworkers. Whenever I flash my steel I usually get a traditional greeting. You know “hey” or “what’s up?” Sometimes I get pauses and looks. There was this:

Coworker: What was that with the fingers?
Me: Oh that? I was Billy the kidding.
Coworker: What?
(I show them the method.)
Coworker: Why?
Me: You greet people with the Billy the kid method. You know double finger gun style.
Coworker: Who does that?
Me: It’s all the rage.
Coworker: Really?
Me: I do it. Give it a try.
Coworker: Okay have a good night.

Billy the kidding is fun. You should try it. It isn’t considered threatening coworkers is it?


I mean they all get my weird humor right? Oh.



2 Responses to The one where I go all Billy the kid

  1. BetHaffner says:

    On my last visit there I met a coworker of yours. A Russian fellow who was working on a new definition of bored. We haggled over the price of a vase, which he finally conceded was not for sale. Then he showed me pictures of his grandchildren and schooled me on vodka, American Express and anything Russian we could think of.

    • tall bearded or short and round? Both are awesome and I enjoy pretending (yeah pretending) that they are Russian mafia. One recently told me he was going to take me under his wing. I’m gonna be a MADE Man soon!

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