Best of Overheard Ohio for November


The best of Overheard Ohio for the month of November! There are plenty more so go check them out and you know follow it on twitter bitches!

5. “Your penis doesn’t inspire me.”–Girl on phone complaining about being an uninspired artist.

4. “My family loves when I make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving but they can bite my left titty. I ain’t making shit” -Black woman at store.

3. “ugh whose leg do I have to hump to get a peanut butter sandwich”–middle school kid.

2. “You see that chinamen over there holding that purse for his woman? That’d be me if WE hadn’t dropped the bomb on them.”-old guy in army hat

And number 1: “Honey I don’t think it’s pronounced PIE-casso.” -woman to her husband looking at Picasso paintings @clevelandart


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