at work I’m a terrible wingman

The night was going slowly and sort of boringly. Then this happened. For those of you who don’t know the Patty Picasso story click here.

Patron: This guy will know. Hey guy. I’m looking for a painting.
Me: Is it that one? (point to one on the wall.)
Patron: No. It has like water and some kind of flowers.
Me: That is pretty vague but if I had to guess–
Patron: It’s a big one. He doesn’t know let’s go–
Me: I’d say Water Water Lilies.
Patron: I dunno. By a famous guy?
Me: Monet.
Patron: That doesn’t sound right.
Me: It is.
Patron: Where is it? I wanted to show this girl.
Me: It would be in Gallery 222 but it is on tour. It’ll be back in February.
Patron: Damn I wanted to make a big deal about it to this girl.
Me: Let me tell you about Pablo’s sister Patty Picasso….


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