Things I get asked

I work with the public which means two things. A.) I get asked a lot of questions. B.) I get asked a lot of DUMB questions. Don’t even get me started on things my coworkers say. I’ve decided to list the top 5 questions I get asked. These are not all dumb questions but they do get annoying. After the list I’ll share some of the random questions I get.

5. How do I get out of here?
4. Do you have to guard the same gallery all the time?
3. Are these the originals?
2. Doesn’t this job get boring? (This is rapidly catching up to #1)
1. Where is the nearest restroom?

Fastest way to The Mona Lisa? They didn’t like my “by plane” answer.

Where do you keep the originals? “My Mother in Law’s basement.”

Can I smell it? They wanted to sniff Oldenburg’s Giant tube of toothpaste.

Why can’t I touch it?

Will I be safe in here after dark?

You don’t get paid do you? “It doesn’t feel like I get paid.”

Are there any paintings here?

How do I get my work in here? “Die tragically probably.”

Do you ever wish you can stay in here overnight?

Can you help me find a painting, it has lots of colors.


2 Responses to Things I get asked

  1. hellpellet says:

    One of your best posts, I believe.
    Bravo on your snarky answers. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  2. Narm says:

    You balance the line of ‘snark’ and ‘asshole’ much better than I do, my friend.

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