Tiffany or TifFARTny?

It’s time for us to delve back into the gross bread and butter that is TMI Thursday. This one is more of a rumor, perhaps just a joke. One of those things passed on down to new guy after new guy. A way of bonding between grizzled vets and wet behind the wet behind the ear newbie. A tale talked about around the water cooler.

(We don’t actually have a water cooler.)

Sometimes you just have to fart. The need to let one rip doesn’t consider where you are or what you are doing. At work this can pose a problem (for some). Some people go off to the bathroom to do it but when you have to call and ask for someone to cover your position before you can go to the bathroom that doesn’t really work.

What to do? Well I suppose some think one answer is to find a place you can.

Enter the Tiffany gallery. The Tiffany gallery is a narrow (hallway like) gallery off to the end of the other galleries. It may or not have been said that some of the guards—who have since moved on—may have used this as their farting room.

Of course this would only be when working that gallery. Who knows what happens elsewhere. If this depositing of gas happened at all. As my wife drove me home I shared this information with her.

Her: Why that gallery? Is it because it is off from the others or is it a statement about the Tiffany stuff?

Me: I think a little bit of both.



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