The one with too many stories

The one thing always working (heavily.) with the public has given me is a huge pile of stories to pick from. For the most part the only people willing to pay me have been grocery stores. The fact that I worked with/for so MANY jackasses characters helped add on to the story pile.

Part of the reason I started the blog was there were funny stories that kept happening and needed their own outlet. I appear to attract weird people and weird situations. I’d like to take credit for the many funny posts that came before being laid off, but I mostly just chronicled what happened. I let the absurd public burst forth in all their bizarre glory. In some instances I helped the funny along with my reactions and interpretations. When I first got laid off I was afraid my blog would become boring.

(It already was?)
(Well that was simply mean.)
(It’s mostly these parenthesis gags that are?)
(Fair enough.)

Then the year of being unemployed happened. It was tough for many reasons but it did eventually take its toll on here. It was mostly the fact that I ended up staying home a lot. First the work stories were taken away but then I sort of cut off all contact with the public. Soon my friends would start to say “I can’t wait till you get a job so we get more work stories.” All around many missed the work stories. Who knew it would take over a year for me to find another job?

Then the good news of job hit. Not only did I get a job but it isn’t exactly the best one out there and you got it all about dealing with the public. I was excited to have a job and a little bit about having work stories to write about. It seemed the universe missed my work related stories too and decided that I needed many of them right away.

The first week was one story after another. The one with my junk, the geese and the name trouble were just the tip of the iceberg. Almost weekly I’ve been given something—some are just sitting and waiting to be typed up. A couple weeks ago I texted the rizza with:

“Dude can I go one work day without horrible things happening?”

And the wife with:

“One normal day is all I ask for. No more stories!’

Please Universe I don’t need one every day. Please.

(I’ll give up the parenthesis gag.)
(Probably not.)

2 Responses to The one with too many stories

  1. Narm says:

    The real question is how many other people out there are telling stories about you right now.

    (I don’t mean that you are weird or story-worthy)
    (Wait, not that you are boring)
    (Oh, boy, I see why you gave these up)

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