The one where I’m an alien

Is this thing on?


I really need to be more consistent. Part of the problem has been I’ve been trying to avoid working on my poetry and plays. Which should have meant inundating this place with post after post but I went the other route. Instead I simply tried to avoid all writing.


I’ll just jump right in with another installment of everyone’s favorite segment: Jimi traumatizes old people and children.

(Oh I’ve never really called it that before?)

Fine sticklers the first ever!


The following events take place between 3pm and 4pm.

(24 reference!)
(Please don’t head butt meKiefer.)

I was wearing my pair of big glittery sunglasses. At the bus stop sat a mom and her young child. The kid was probably 6 or so. The mom was busy typing away on her phone and the girl stared at me as I made my way over.

Kid: Is he an alien?
Mom (Not looking up): No.
Kid: But look at his eyes. Those are alien glasses.
Mom (Still not looking up): He’s not.
Me (Whispering to kid): I am an alien.

(Kid grabs her mom’s arm.)

I’m secretly hoping the girl will report the alien sighting/talking. This will ensure Gillian Anderson making her way to Cleveland to sex me up investigate.

(I’m a happily married man. I’d graciously and gently decline all of her sexual advances.)

3 Responses to The one where I’m an alien

  1. Mom Remick says:

    Can we watch? errr… you graciously and gently declining all of her sexual advances that is.

  2. SexCpotatoes says:

    Maybe the elder-person watches a lot of fox news, maybe the kid thought you were an illegal alien.

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