August’s Top 5 Overheard Ohio


Ah August my birthday month. This month we heard thoughts on art, baby daddies, Amish laundry and being sick at work. Be sure to head over to @overheardOhio on twitter to read the rest of the funny, weird and scary things Ohioans said in August. Here we go with the top five:

“I understand. I got two baby daddies and it ain’t made me fall in love with either one.” -Lady on the phone holding a kid.

(Outside gelato/pastry shop.)
Dad “I don’t drink much beer any more” Kid “Only when u hit mommy.” Dad “No ice cream for u”

Guy A: “Nice Affliction shirt.” Guy B: “Fuck you this is Ed Hardy.” –2 guys in a bar on West 6th.

“Don’t you honk at me AHOLE! What you think cause I’m in a suit and tie I won’t punch you in the mouth?” -suit/tie guy walking down Mayfield

And my favorite for the month of August:

“My last boyfriend broke up with me in an email and stated ‘I can’t be with a girl who hates The Grape Ape’ as why he was dumping me.”


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