Where is Michael Stipe When I need him?

Work as of late has been very tiring.

(Physically and mentally.)
(Don’t worry I know you want the funny not the whiney!)
(You people are made of stone!)
(Keep reading the funny is coming.)

It hasn’t been easy to get along with certain people who are higher on the food chain than I am. It has really put me on edge while there. I’m not a fan of that. It hasn’t helped that one really seems to be going out of his way to not remember my last name. It is written on my “badge” and on a main schedule somewhere I’m sure.

Despite this fact when he writes out the “daily” schedule he adds an s and n to it. This then causes one of the other managers to get it wrong, as he just reads it off of the schedule. I’ve attempted several times to correct it. I even did it during roll call and other coworkers repeated it after I said it.

That day I did at least eventually lead to some hilarity. Due to call offs I had to cover 2 sections (or 6 spaces) and they adjusted the schedule accordingly. This meant my name was on the schedule twice.

Spelled differently and both of them were incorrect.

So as the manager made his rounds this happened:

Managers: Any problems?
Me: No, but I feel compelled to mention my name is on here twice, and misspelled.
Manager: Oh, which spelling is right?
Me: Neither. It’s REM-ick. R.E.M., like the band that sings “losing my religion.”
Manager: What?
Me: What’s the frequency Kenneth?
Manager: What are you talking about?
Me: Okay…R.E.M., like the sleep cycle?
Manager: You are very odd.
Me: I’m just giving you all tools to help remember my name.

Hopefully it set in with him. As for the other manager I don’t think he’ll ever get my name right. I’ve tried to tell him blatantly and nothing. He either is doing it on purpose—I’m pretty sure he dislikes me—or just deems so unworthy of his attention that he doesn’t hear me. There have been several instances where I say something and he doesn’t appear to be actually hearing a word I’ve said.

At least I got to have some fun, I was pretty sure he’d have no idea who R.E.M. was.


Well said Michael.

2 Responses to Where is Michael Stipe When I need him?

  1. Narm says:

    Oh, is that you in the corner?

  2. […] first week was one story after another. The one with my junk, the geese and the name trouble were just the tip of the iceberg. Almost weekly I’ve been given something—some are just sitting […]

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