day four and my junk

Get your flippers and goggles on cause we just gonna jump right into Day number four at work. Want to catch up on the earlier insanity? Day 1 had John Waters and Goblins. Everyone had a laugh with day 2 and jimi eating geese. You may be asking “where is day 3?” or “damn Jimi can’t you even count to 4?”

(Nothing gets by any of you.)

Day 3 was pretty much uneventful. I walked to work and my leg really was hurting by the end. I’m not sure why though. I had some more training and made an epic joke. The guy doing the training didn’t get it, but that is par for the course. That joke will be revealed in the next Conversations with Jimi post. So kiddies we skip ahead to day four because something funny happened. Not so funny for me, but yeah I suppose I can look back and laugh.

This was my first day to wear my big boy blazer and work a gallery all by my lonesome. Despite my manger’s inability to get my name right I was hopeful. I was assigned the Early Christian and Western Medieval galleries. These two aren’t exactly the most popular ones and so were a bit easier. I settled in for my first 8 hours alone.

The main thing in these galleries (in terms of protecting) is the floor mosaics. There are four of them in all, with 2 of them being at child level. They seem (apparently) very inviting for kids to touch. One has been damaged and we’re told to pay close attention to that area.

The shift was going pretty smoothly. I’d had lunch and was feeling pretty content. I remember thinking “ah today isn’t too bad, maybe I’ll be okay in this job.” A couple of families made their way into the gallery with the mosaics and I made sure to park myself nearby. Two kids were listening intently to what their adult was saying. Another girl was with a woman. She was paying attention to the little girl and all was okay.

Then the girl (bored or maybe just happy) started to twirl. Now she was with her mom and not near art so I stayed back. I figured I’ll let the mom handle it, so as to not appear to be telling her how to handle her kid. I decided to see what happens and if she did it again without being told to stop I’d step in. She walked on.



I started to step forward. The mom saw her twirling and told her to stop. The girl stopped immediately. The problem? I was nearing her and her hands didn’t stop in time.


Little girl hand meets jimi’s junk.


What came out (softly): ugrherdddddf.

For her part the little girl said sorry as soon as it happened. The mom apologized many times too. You know as I fell into the fetal position on the floor.

Okay it didn’t hurt that bad but it hurt. Those tiny fingers managed to find the right spot to cause most pain.



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