Top 5 overheard ohio for July


That’s right kiddies it’s a new month and so time to look back at the best of Overheard Ohio from last month!

(Also my birthday is Saturday, just throwing that out there.)
(Buy me expensive stuff!)

Without anymore begging here are the top five @OverheardOhio for the month of July.


“I told you to stop calling me! Why? Because you had friggin butt sex with my sister!”-Girl on phone outside of the UC


“I bet none of them gals ever put they tongue in a mans butt, but they dressing like it tonite”–old guy about women heading to Britney show


Man: “He saw your coochie.” Woman: “But he only saw the front.” -Couple at the cookout.


“I ain’t no lesbian, she is. I just let her lick me sometimes.”-Drunk woman to friends in a bar bathroom.

And #1

“I don’t really do art. The only kind of art I do is your (whispers) Puu-say.” dude w/ tribal tats to girl in @clevelandart


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