Conversations with Jimi Volume 10

A short and sweet new Conversations with Jimi. Pretty funny stuff if I may say so myself.

(and I may because this is my blog!)


Guy: Yo I like dem glasses they real sporty. Where u headed looking fly?
Me: Art museum.
Guy: For real? We got 1 of them?
Me …

(We are waiting for the bus that essientially drives right past the Art Museum.)


Me: Sometimes I feel bad for people who come to my blog searching certain questions.
Wifey: Such as?
Me: Like someone searched “how old is Scrooge McDuck?” So that poor guy would have to read my whole blog just to come to the end and find a picture of my head on Uncle Scrooge’s body.
Wifey: What REE looks that up?


Me: Make me coffee it’s my day.
@kittenkaboom: You’re not a dad.
Me: Hey u don’t know I could have a ton of kids. My stuff is POTENT.
Her: …


(Urinal flushes before I’m finished.)
Me: I’m a human being!
Guy: never let u finish either?
Me: oh I just say it cus I was a robot at first.
Guy: …


Me: Just call me Henry David…cus I’m thorough.


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