the one with period cups and wolverine

Ok first off both hipstercrite and Jewel at I’m Holding The Talking Stick traumatized me for life with their posts about alternatives to tampons.


In your hoo-ha?

Psyche damaged.

And then I for some reason googled “period cups.”


And came across this:


Today I was going to my ode to Sriracha. Then all the stuff up there happened. I’m thinking I’ll do the ode to rooster sauce over the weekend. In the mean time I’ve been going through the changes.

(No not from a young girl into a woman with my first period.)
(Man I’ve got some sick readers.)
(Shame on you.)

Where was I? Ah yes the changes. I haven’t shaved all week (I know big deal happens all the time.) and the hair is piling up. The faux mo cut I have is also in need of trimming. If you take those things and add them to what else has started happening you’ll know to fear me.

Case 1: The other night the wifebot and I are in bed.

(bow chikka bow bow.)
(knock it off pervos.)

We’re snuggling on up and she sighs. I being the sweet guy I am go to rub her arm in a comforting manner. What happens instead is my nail snags at her and she thinks I’ve purposely scratched her. She gets mad, and then I slink off to write.

Case 2: The side of my stomach itched. I nonchalantly reach over and scratch it.


(Thought not screamed.)

It felt as if I took a chunk of skin. I make a joke to the Rizza that I may have and forget about it. Minutes later I have this painful little tingle on my side, sure enough there is a nice big scratch there.

Apparently my fingernails need to be trimmed.

Or the transformation is nearly complete I am WOLVERINE!


Sweet I’m bad ass! Or more likely I’m just a bearded Edward Scissorhands.


One finally note: cups in your vajayjay? Really?
Oh and hooray for horribly done cut and paste pictures.


One Response to the one with period cups and wolverine

  1. BeckEye says:

    That period cups picture is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

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