TMI Thursday: Filming Movies

Boy I really hate the first post of the week to be a TMI Thursday but that’s what lazy will get you. I suppose technically this post could be about a certain concert I recently attended.

(Nope have to big a crush on Katy Perry to have her associated with posts about poop.)
(Damn I sort of just did.)
(Shut up.)

AnyTeenageDream this happened not too long ago. The wifebot and I had just finished watching Due Date and well it was time to film a movie of my own. Now some of you may know I have a tendency to refer to pooping as filming a movie and then naming them. Like:

Hunt for the Brown October
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Poop

Well this time was no different and I got up.

Me: Well time to start filming Poo Date.
Wifey: There is something wrong with you.
Me: Pooping is natural!

(I run off.)*

*This part did not actually happen.

Sufficiently satisfied with the movie name (and the concern it caused) I walked off to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet still happy with the chosen title, when it hit me.

(No not poop!)

The next one I’d use was Anne of Brown Gables. Yes! It’s perfect and would tarnish something she loves with my poop humor. Score. I was still patting myself on the back when I decided to just you know pee since I was down there already.

Only problem was the camera (see what I did there I called my peen a camera because of the whole movie thing!) was not really in position. The camera (again!) was not really pointing down—a fact I may have missed being too smug about my Anne of Brown Gables. It was mostly pointing down but really it was sort of even so the stream hit the inside of the seat and somehow a bit ricocheted up at me. It sort of sprayed just a bit up on my chest (I was wearing a shirt.) It wasn’t like I pushed harder or anything it was just a normal stream. I’m just extra manly and virile.

(That’s what that means right???)

AnyPeeOnMe I sat there in stunned silence for a minute. After taking care of all the minor filming details I went back out there and somehow kept this story to myself till now, because now n then I like some of these stories to be new to her when she reads them.

So there ya go now if you don’t mind I’m off to film How Stella Got Her Poop Back.


2 Responses to TMI Thursday: Filming Movies

  1. kittenkaboom says:

    Clearly you need to be re-potty trained. LOL xoxoxo

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