Now with more fruit (and a dictator)

The other night the wifebot and I were chilling in front of the TV when a brilliant idea struck. I let it formulate, circulate and marinate—okay I really just blurted out:

“I want to dress up a banana like Muammar Gaddafi and call it Bannafi!”

I expected silence or maybe ridicule but instead she responded (almost gleefully) “I think I see a weekend project!”

(Be still my beating heart.)
(Take note this is why we win at marriage bitches!)

Why would I do/say such a thing? Was I making light of the people of Libya’s plight? No! I’m very sympathetic to them and their struggles. I’ve been watching it unfold almost nonstop since it started. I’ve been glued to Aljazeera English.

(Probably on a list now!)
(I hope Julia Roberts calls Denzel when I get offed to fight for my memory!)

It was simply one of the strange things that floated into my head and stuck. It makes sense though. I mean have you seen the way he dresses? Quite the image! Need proof?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:



There is a simple formula of banana + any kind of clothes= funny. Now if we take that and multiply it by crazy Gaddafi get up we get: banana + any kind of clothes x Gaddafi get up = epic!




Later the next day as I shared this with twitter I decided that not only did it need to happen, but I needed to create adventures for Bannafi. So soon we’ll have the origin story of the lovable fruit dictator. Perhaps even a youtube channel for him.


2 Responses to Now with more fruit (and a dictator)

  1. Mom Remick says:

    Okay son, All I can say is good thing you never fly.

  2. Josh says:

    This. This is how you end up on Funny or Die. I’m interested.

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