The one with a real scumbag

This could have been a serious post

(Hey it’s been known to happen from time to time.)

It COULD have been a serious post. Maybe one about how I feel, or where I was when I heard the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

For the record: I was in our library (read dining room) watching a WWE PPV.

I mean there are tons of possibilities to go with that story. One could chronicle their emotional response or even their logical response. Hell I technically started work on some fine poetry. I could post that.

(No no don’t leave I’m not going to post my poetry!)
(Did you stay?)

I’ll get on with it. I’m only doing a post to help ease my nervousness. You see I’ve got an interview in a few hours and have to call back another place too. I’m a little freaked out by the whole process and well writing a frivolous post would help. Don’t worry the post isn’t just this. Oh no if you stuck it out you get a story.

So the other night the wife and I were getting ready for bed. Neither of us had fallen asleep yet. We talked it up a bit and then this happened:

Her: (Some sort of joke making fun of me.)

Me: You’rrrrre a reaaal scumbag.

(Suspenseful no?)

And then we both just sort of started cracking up. I mean full on hardcore laughter. It lasted about a minute. Then she got up to turn the fan on and one of us said it again.

“You’rrrre a reaaal scumbag”

And we were laughing again. It was laughter that was very loud and way after midnight. This lasted about 5 minutes in total. This was earlier in the week and well it still cracks us up. If either one of us makes fun of the other, tries to annoy (etc) the other will bust it out.

We will laugh no matter when or where we are. That dear reader is how you win at marriage.


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