The one with all the hair

Recently I attended The Rizza’s wedding. A day before that I chopped off all my hair. She (like many of the woman I know and love) has a soft spot in her heart for when I do the faux hawk. That hair style started way back when I had my first play produced.

Fun party fact for ya: The play was “A Devil of a Time”

AnyJimiTrivia I dig the style. It (at the time) was a big change for me since I’d generally had long (really long) hair. We cut it up and I looked mad super fly and what not. Pretty much ever since during the spring summer months I’d have the faux hawk and then grow it out.

(Rinse and repeat.)

Well knowing how much the bride to be dug that cut it became a joke that I’d do it for the wedding as my wedding present to her. So the day before I walked over to crazy mullets and proceeded to get all chopped off. The ladies at crazy mullets are sweet as can be and know what they’re doing. They be easy on the eyes too. All in all a fun if bittersweet experience.

The cool thing was this time I around I finally let it last long enough so that I can donate it to locks of love. A small gesture in the face of such a powerful force but something I’m proud to do.

Suck on it Cancer!

The before.


The after (you know taken a few minutes ago.)


Doesn’t everyone have a Ziploc bag of their hair?


And this is a crude representation of the carnage that was left:



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