Overheard Ohio March style


So I’m lazy.


I wrote up the new What a way to die for B Movie Brigade go check that out. Then I had to turn my attention to the cheap seats. Now I have a few post of the more serious variety.

(I can be serious!)

But those aren’t really ready. I had several funny ideas (or thought I did) but they seem to have slipped into the void that is my head. I really need to get back to work on my play so this needed to be minimal work.

March’s top Overheard Ohio!

(Settle down.)

Now March was sort of bare in terms of amount of overheard stuff sent in. So without further adieu (and in no particular order) the best six. If you care to leave a comment with what order you think they should be in.


“How do you tell a parent your son is in the 6th grade and likes to put crayons in his sandwiches?’—lady having drinks.

“Hey just because you step in shit don’t mean you spread that shit on your sandwich like it was mayo. It’s shit” Old guy to teen.

“She couldn’t have been THAT mean she went down on you after all.”—woman to another woman.

“Next time we have a threesome make sure the guy has more than a clit with balls. At least we scissored”-Girl on Euclid.

“Oh come on! If You are a drug dealer the last thing you want to do is kill a 12 year old junkie.”–Guy drinking wine.

“I’m so sick of winter that if Frosty was real I’d butt rape that asshole.”–Guy walking into the gym.


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