The one with change

Monday I had a job interview. It went pretty smoothly. I’m in line for a 2nd interview. This post is not about that though. No this post is what happened on my way to the interview. It let me know that the interview would be a success.

As I walked up Coventry to where I had to catch the number 32 bus a man approached me. I’d seen him before and knew what would be asked. I was not in a hurry but you know tense about making the interview on time.

Dude: Hey my man!
Me: Sorry homes I don’t got anything for ya today.
Dude: I just need a dollar or so.
Me: Sorry only got money that’ll get me a bus pass.
Dude: Got nothing you can help a brother with?
Me: No.
Dude: I just need some change.
Me: You don’t need to change I like you just the way you are?
Dude: ….
Me (As I walked away): Have a great day.
Dude: It’s like that?

Based on the awesomeness of my “You don’t need to change line.” I knew the rest of the day would work out nicely.


Now this guy would get change from me. Though I hope he just means to buy the material for it because I’m pretty sure a Jedi needs to construct their light saber.


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